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List of Top Yoga Blogs

By Ninazolotow @Yoga4HealthyAge
by Nina
List of Top Yoga BlogsThe popular web site recently announced their picks for Best Yoga Blogs of 2016, and we made the cut! Thanks so much doyouyoga.

Here’s what they said about us:“Yoga for Healthy Aging
This regularly updated blog does what it says on the tin: with lots of information about the effects of yoga on the body and brain, Yoga for Healthy Aging supports readers to maintain their health for years to come.”
That’s a pretty good summary, isn’t it? But I want to add that we have as much about the spirit on our blog as we do about the body and brain. Sometimes people forget that although yoga provides a powerful set of tools for cultivating health of body and brain, its original aim is for cultivating equanimity. And that’s something we take very seriously at Yoga for Healthy Aging, not just because it’s yoga’s original aim but because we feel that without equanimity, aging—even healthy aging—is going to be pretty bumpy ride. Baxter emphasized this just the other day when we were talking about our basic philosophy (see Yoga for Healthy Aging: Our Philosophy and Our Tools). And just last week Beth pointed out that the “graceful” part of aging gracefully included social and spiritual grace, as well as physical grace (see LINK). For tips on cultivating equanimity, see 7 Ways to Cultivate Equanimity with Yoga.So welcome to any new readers who come to us through! Hopefully you'll find information here to help with the health of your body, brain, and spirit for years to come.

Self-possessed, resolute, act
Without any thoughts of results,
Open to successor failure.
This equanimity is yoga. —translation by Stephen Mitchell
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