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Financial Independence Planner & Stock Screener

By The Contender @The__Contender

Financial Independence Planner & Stock Screener

PERL - Plan For Early Retirement and Life Tools

Update on project MUFFLER

1.  A Major performance and functionality upgrade to the spreadsheet financial independence planning tool -MERP - MUFF Early Retirement Planner. 
2. Introducing a NEW Stock Screening ToolMISS(MUFF Investment Stock Screener) to  identify good companies that are potentially undervalued. This is done by automatically down loading and analysing the information of up to 3,000 stocks

The crazy thing about all of this is that all of this is being offered TOTALLY FREE!Get yours today :)

  MERP - MUFF Early Retirement Planner
Key Features

  • Plan your monthly budget
  • Calculate early retirement goals
  • Dividend, growth and protect portfolio management which automaticallyretrieve stock data from Yahoo Finance
  • Stock analysis tools and progress tracking
  • Strategy sheets to plan for success
  • It is FREE as is Open office and Java *See end of post for setup instructions. MUFF wants this to be available to everyone hence the choice of open office. There is a slightly less detailed version in excel available on the tools download page.

NEW Enhancements

The open office financial analysis tool has been enhanced to remove the slow GetQuote add-in.  A magic macro :) downloads the data from Yahoo instead.
This has made the whole spreadsheet about 10x faster and has provided access to lots of new financial data. Here is a screenshot of the stock analysis spreadsheet:

Financial Independence Planner & Stock Screener

Stock Analysis - Click for a larger image

The NEW dashboard has lots of information and checks for the following:

  1. Is the debt compared to the equity in the company too high?
  2. Is the dividend payout ratio (dividend rate / earnings per share) sustainable
  3. What has been the year on year increase in the dividends?
  4. Dividend discount model to ESTIMATE the intrinsic worth of the company

Some of these checks have been added to the individual portfolio sheets:

Financial Independence Planner & Stock Screener

Portfolio view - Click for larger image

  1. An automatic Yahoo hyperlink has been added for each stock
  2. Company names are now automatically added
  3. Dividend discount model is available (a way to value dividend stocks - are they overpriced?)
  4. Useful links have been added below the tables to the financial checks and some useful financial resources
  5. Cells have conditional formatting to highlight opportunities or concerns such as where dividend payouts are greater than earnings.

Please read on for MISS the NEW stock screen tool that can download and analyse3000 stocks at a time.
                        MISS - MUFF Investment Stock Screen 
How do you screen for value \ growth stocks to add to the GROW portfolio? MUFF has used paid investment letters down the years to do this for him such as:
The Complete Investor - several balanced portfolios in lots of different areas (good for HYP  and GROWTH portfolio)
Outstanding Investments - more focused on material scarcity (good for ALL portfolio's)
The Morgan Report - silver focused investment letter (GROWTH portfolio)
This was a wise move in some respects as professional advice versus just guessing what stocks to buy turned out to be a good decision. The newsletters are informative and you find out about companies that you would never have heard of as well as in depth analysis of their performance and future prospects.
MUFF does believe a financial newsletter is very useful, as a starting point, to learn about how professionals research stocks. Check out the books below and some background reading on Wikipedia to learn more about investing.
MUFF now likes to research stocks himself. This has been done through recommendations from sites such as seeking alpha, dividend monk, and top yields as well as some of the investment themes all for income investing.
For growth we have typically relied on tracker funds but what about individual stocks? To look for some growth stocks the principles of the two books below have been used to devise a stock screen tool:
Key Features

  • Choose up to 3000 stocks and down load the data by clicking the magic button into an excel spreadsheet (currently no open office version sorry)
  • Data converted and cleaned up
  • Data analyzed and sorted to provide value stock recommendations based on a well known investing approach.

Find Me Some Value 

Financial Independence Planner & Stock Screener

Yahoo download - click for larger picture

  1. Using anexcelspreadsheet provided with a few modifications to the code it is possible to download up to 3000 stocks into the spreadsheet:
  2. The data is then cleaned up and converted into usable data and an analysis based on the following 2 books:The Intelligent Investor (2003)The little book that beats the market (2010)

    Financial Independence Planner & Stock Screener

    Data cleanup and analysis - click for larger picture

  3. Financial Independence Planner & Stock Screener

    The results - click for a larger image

  4.  All of the stocks are ranked based on profitability and return on capital to give the final table. 

You can choose the list of shares you want to load from the supplied stock exchanges as of the 8th of December 2012 or you can delete one of the lists and add your own list of stocks.


Get On With It

Financial Independence Planner & Stock Screener
We are still early days on these tools and feedback would be greatly appreciated. MUFF will then Get on With It - tweak how the tools work, add user improvements or just plain simplify them as much as possible.
Please have a play. Go onto Yahoo Finance, The Financial Times, MSN money and have a look at the companies you find in more detail.
What do you think of them? What can you compare them to? Ultimately would you invest in them? Will they grow fast and will their returns be strong enough to propel you to financial independence / early retirement?*
Peace and ultimate prosperity
* Open Office Setup 

  1. Install Open office 
  2. Install Java (it is important there is only the latest version of java installed - uninstall any old versions)
  3. Open Open office Calc
  4. Financial Independence Planner & Stock Screener

    Click for Large Image

  5. Go to Tools > options >   
  6. Financial Independence Planner & Stock Screener

    Click for Large Image

  7. Choose Java > select the latest version of Java
  8. Select Security and set macro security to medium - you will be asked each time you would like to use macros
Financial Independence Planner & Stock Screener

**Disclaimer Stuff 
Please read the disclaimer in the right hand side of the page. All tools are for education and information purposes only. They are free and have no warranty and are as accurate as possible to the best of the authors knowledge. Investing has risk this blog does not contain professional advice only the inquisitiveness of a private investor. Any feedback on the tools would be greatly appreciated so they can be improved as we go along.

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By Harrison Roxas Delfino
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I like using MarketXLS. It's great.

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