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Secrets of Self-Promotion

By Matthewthompson @MatthewTNY

If you work extra hours in order to receive promotion but still see no result of your activity, may be it is time to change your tactics? Start viewing your professional skills as a kind of product you need to sale and use successful advertising strategies of popular brands to promote this product. The following rules of branding will help you to achieve personal success.

Secrets of Self-Promotion

Analyze. The first rule of branding says that before staring promoting the product you should explore it carefully. You should learn both its advantages and disadvantages. Analyze your experience and professional achievements and define what prevents you from reaching greater success. You should also clearly establish the goal of your advertising campaign. “Earning much money” sounds too obscure. Think, what exactly you want to achieve in your career.

Define the audience. The next step is to define and explore your target audience. In your case the customer is the management, employer and clients. You should know their interests and preferences. For instance, if your employers are theater-goers, you should be aware of all recent premieres. If most of them are men, try to control your emotions.

Expand the range. With time the customers lose interest in some brands as they start dreaming of something new and original. So, if you want to remain a “demanded product” you should expand your professional limits. Try to predict what kind of employee your management may need in the nearest future and get some additional knowledge to satisfy their needs.

Pay attention. Lots of brands use the technique “Attention to everybody”. They create a large client base and stay in touch with every single client. Use the same method – pay attention to as many people you meet at work as possible for you. Then more connections you build the easier it will be to go up the career stairs.

Explore the needs. You should better know the desires and needs of your potential “clients” if you want your promo actions to have greater success. For instance, no matter how genius and effective your business idea can be, it is useless to offer it to your boss when hew has just spent two hours in a traffic jam – his state of mind and his desires will not coincide with your offer. The time after lunch, on the contrary, is good enough to come up with some new project of your own.

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