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LA’s First ‘Workouts on Demand’ App: Handstand

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette

For almost two years, I lived in Los Angeles without a car. Being a fitness enthusiast and health coach, it was important to me to be active. I was able to run outside and do workouts at the park, but if I wanted a personal trainer or to attend a yoga class, there weren’t many options for me.

Now I have a car, but I also work a lot. I babysit for 3 families, I have a very energetic puppy, and have to keep up with the housework. By the time I get home, going out to a studio or yoga class is the last thing I want to do.

Lucky for me (and people in a similar situation), there’s Handstand.

Handstand App Workout on Demand LA Yoga Cover

Disclosure: I received a free session using the Handstand app in exchange for an honest review on my blog. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

Handstand is LA’s first ever ‘workouts-on-demand’ app, and it allows you to search, book, and pay for a fitness professional to come to your house for a private session. It’s like Uber for fitness. How awesome is that?! You can book a yoga session, cardio workout, sessions for two people, and more! However, it’s currently only in LA.

Handstand App Workout on Demand LA Yoga 2 Archie was really excited to do some yoga :)

I had a Q & A with the founder of Handstand, Tiffany:

Why did you create Handstand?

I really believe that working long or unpredictable hours, making time for friends, catching up with family, finding relaxation time, having young children, on top of all of the other responsibilities that only increase as we get older– leaves minimal time for health and fitness- which is where I came from and why I created Handstand. I made the time, woke up early, drove to the gym, worked out, showered, changed, ate, made it to work, but that was ridiculous. In fact, it was counterintuitive and left me over exhausted. And we read all these quotes that a “one hour workout is all it takes” but as I came to find, it was 2 hours and that was if I hurried.

What was your inspiration for Handstand?

I was always into fitness and discovering new trends. When I initially tried yoga at a class in a gym, I remember feeling incompetent and frustrated. I wasn’t relaxed after the session, but let down and discouraged. After some time, I gave yoga another shot in a smaller group setting with my cousin who just wouldn’t leave me alone about it! The yoga instructor came to my house and 10 minutes in, I immediately understood why my cousin pushed me into this. The instructor was different and the one that came over that day didn’t make me feel like a beginner, or that I wasn’t flexible enough, but rather she encouraged me to try different poses and adjusted me based on what she saw.  I felt her trust and by the end of the class, she was able to guide me into a handstand– something I NEVER thought I could do! So, I named this app “Handstand” which is symbolic of the goals we can reach when we have the right instructor or trainer guiding us. Every single trainers and instructor on Handstand is Handstand approved and can truly help anyone reach their goals- may it be a handstand or something else they’re reaching for.

Where do you see Handstand going in the future?

With Handstand, no matter where my users go, whether it be alone on a business trip in San Francisco, or to New York for a quick visit, they’ll never be alone or have to miss a workout. Hassle-free, accessible, affordable, and truly a new experience in every city. There will always be someone new to meet, someone there to motivate, change, and show my users new moves in a new city when they have time. 

Handstand is constantly being updated with new instructors and new workout types, which is where we’re heading now. Want to try meditation but don’t want to find a studio on your own? Find one on Handstand and invite a friend! Want to workout with your fiancé before work? Order a bootcamp session on Handstand for two. It’s affordable, accessible, and hassle-free.

What makes Handstand stand out from its competitors- if any?

Handstand is the first Workouts on Demand App in LA – and it comes from a place of need. It’s for everyone out there; people who want to work out with their friend, but go to different gyms; for the girl who’s trying to lose some weight, but just can’t afford a trainer to help her; for the mother who has a young child at home and has to find a sitter to make it to the gym; for the man who wants to try yoga but hasn’t the first clue of where to go or start– this is for everyone. 

I want my users to know they can feel comfortable with everyone on the platform because that was my inspiration and goal. No judgments, no commitments, no hassles. Planning, scheduling, and finding the right class or time isn’t what fitness is about. So no one has to sweat that now- Handstand has it set up for you- anytime and anywhere.

Thank you, Tiffany!

Handstand App Workout on Demand LA Yoga Logo

I had the amazing privilege of trying Handstand. Here’s how it works:

  • Download the app (iOS) or go to the website.
  • Click “Find a Workout”.
  • Choose your neighborhood.
  • Search for a trainer! You can choose by searching time, type of workout, or price.
  • Book your trainer for your desired date and time.
  • Pay.
  • Have an awesome session! (You can rate the trainer after the session)

Super simple and convenient, right?

Handstand App Workout on Demand LA Yoga Logo 2

I scheduled a yoga session with Nikka for Saturday at 12:30 pm in my apartment. Nikka showed up right on time, with a yoga mat and blocks in hand. I already have a mat, but it was awesome that she brought one just in case! She didn’t mind that I had two small dogs locked in the bedroom. They barked for awhile, but it didn’t distract her. I really appreciated it! We talked for the first 10 minutes or so, which I really enjoyed.

It was a little strange having a trainer come to my house who knew nothing about me, but she was extremely friendly and we had a lot in common. She asked me what yoga I like to do, what injuries I have, and what kind of yoga I wanted to do for our session. I told her about some health concerns I’ve been having (joint issues, specifically), so she suggested restorative yoga (for stretching). We also talked about what brought us to LA. It turns out, we are both from the Midwest! It’s always awesome connecting with people from the Midwest; we’re pretty similar and I love it!

The session lasted an hour, and it was EXACTLY what I needed! Nikka showed me an inversion pose that I now do every single day. I felt centered and happy the rest of the day. I will definitely be scheduling another session with Nikka, and I highly recommend it to anyone in the LA area looking for private sessions!

Handstand App Workout on Demand LA Yoga Archie (my pup) & Mocha (a friend’s pup) were excited that Nikka was over!

If you’re excited to give Handstand a try, they have graciously allowed me to offer a 20% discount to my readers! Simply enter code founder20 when you’re ready to pay.

Follow along on social media as Handstand grows and expands: website, Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook. You can also download the app for Apple iOS here.

  • Is being active difficult for you due to your busy lifestyle?

  • Would you use Handstand if it was in your area? If you’re in LA, is it something you will try?

Thank you for reading!

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