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Keeping Yourself Healthy When Going Through A Tough Time

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette
Keeping Yourself Healthy When Going Through A Tough Time

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Tough times can often lead to a sense of stress, and this can wreak havoc with your emotional health. However, it’s important to recognize that keeping yourself healthy when going through a tough time is not only something you should focus your mental health towards, but also your physical health. In fact, they inform one another in various ways. For example, caring for your mental health will make you much more likely to exercise, while exercising can help you reduce stress and anxiety, and help you live the rest of the day with optimism.

It’s impossible to separate your physical and mental health efficiently, because you are not separated into two distinct categories yourself. However, keeping yourself healthy when going through a tough time often calls for a worthy approach. Sure, you may be working on your stress and mental struggles by taking forthright action and relying on the support of those closest to you, but are you also maintaining your physical health in the best way you can?

It’s these questions we hope to answer, and we hope to answer them as follows:


Superfoods are extremely worthwhile measures of ensuring your body is able to restore itself, as high levels of nutrition and the replenishment of vitamins and minerals can mean plenty for energizing you, and helping you fight off issues relating to a tired immune system. You may learn how to make v8 juice at home, providing you with that necessary health kick you may be after each day. Eating kale, drinking green tea, nuts and seeds and ginger can be jus tthe start, but a thoroughly worthwhile start at that.

Plenty of Sleep

You need to sleep when under intense stress. It’s your body’s way of being able to refresh and replenish its systems, and without a good snooze you may find yourself unable to comfortably or rationally think your way through a situation as you may have. Sleep requires great sleep habits, and while eight hours is often the recommended maximum, for certain difficult periods of your life even nine to ten hours may be customary to help your body adapt to the expanded sense of exhaustion it may be going through right now.

Getting Out In Nature

There’s a sense of real peace in nature, because to some extent it doesn’t care what your emotions are. That tree you walk past may have been there two hundred years ago, and is still sat there, living, calm, blowing in the wind. There’s a timeless aspect to nature. It was here before you and it will be there after you are gone. This sounds scary upon first analysis, but it’s simply a fact of life. Keeping yourself healthy then, can often mean stress reduction, and a safe natural environment is perhaps the best way to bust stress. You’ll look at things differently after walking in the park for an hour, and you can trust us on that point.

With this advice, we hope you can stay healthy when going through a tough time.

•How do you stay healthy when you’re going through a tough time?

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Keeping Yourself Healthy When Going Through A Tough Time

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