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Kanangra to Katoomba March 20123days and 2 Nigh...

By Hikingoz

Kanangra to Katoomba
 March 2012
3days and 2 nights.
Day 1
It was an early meet in Sydney with Dan and Garrett to commence the drive out to Kanangra Walls.  (Thanksfor the lift Nina)  Along the way we had a quick stop in the mtns for a Subway breakfast. I also obtained an up-to-date weather forecast from the lovely Subway employee after it was asked what my weekend plans were. She said it will be “fine and windy”. I thanked her for the food and information and we continued on our way.
We started walking early in the afternoon and soon found the “subway forecast” to be spot on. It was a gloriously sunny day with  incredibly strong wind.
The K2K has been on my list for a while to get done. I have been on much of the route in previous trips but have never linked it all up so a few months back when Dan tossed up the idea I jumped on it.
Kanangra to Katoomba March 20123days and 2 nigh...The first days walk was pleasant along Kanangra tops and over the Kilpatrick Causeway.  Crafts walls (a favorite place of mine) was our lunch stop and after a quick jaunt to the top and the lookout we proceeded along.
Kanangra to Katoomba March 20123days and 2 nigh...High and Mighty to Stormbreaker and then Rip Rack Roar and Rumble led us onto Mt Cloudmaker where we signed the log book and I searched though for the date of a previous walk a couple years prior.( The log book has only one more page  left in it if anyone is heading out there again soon. March 2012)
Kanangra to Katoomba March 20123days and 2 nigh...It was then a simple walk into Dex Creek which was looking really good after the recent rains. Lush and green and lots of water. Here we made camp for the first night.
Kanangra to Katoomba March 20123days and 2 nigh...After a hardy breakfast we pushed on. The first excitement of the day was a just out of camp as we gain the height of land. A good sized Tiger Snake was basking in the sun. It was not in our direct path but it still made no effort to be on it way. It was a good looking snake and we snapped a couple of photos from distance.Kanangra to Katoomba March 20123days and 2 nigh...
The High Gangerang was great to walk through with its variety of different bushland.
Mt Moorilla Maloo and Mt Moorilla were the next stop. The marked lookout on the map looked very enticing on another beautiful day. What proved to be a great little ridge walk from the two tops was then rewarded with a fantastic view from Moorilla lookout. Even Sydney city was in view!
Enjoying lunch on the top of Moorilla Maloo the next section of the journey was Strongleg Ridge down to the Coxs River which we expected to be very high.
Strongleg passed with minimal cursing of the steep grade and quickly the sounds of the Coxs River rushing below was heard. We dropped off Strongleg and crossed Kanangra Creek which was flowing well and headed across Konangaroo Clearing to check the Coxs. It was flowing very high. The highest I had seen it.Kanangra to Katoomba March 20123days and 2 nigh...
Packing everything into drybags we decided to float down the placid but swollen and flowing water to the bottom of Yellow Pup Ridge.  Clambering out of the water just before the first set of rapids we began drying out the great that somehow managed to get wet.
Kanangra to Katoomba March 20123days and 2 nigh...
It was the perfect exit point as the faint footpad up yellow pup was quickly found nearby.  Checking the maps before heading up we decided to carry our water for the night up and not shoot all the way to Mobbs soak for.  Night 2 found us in a one of the small saddles along the tops of Yellow Pup. It was a clear night with the start out. I even thought about not pitching the fly. It was a good thing I decided to as there was a very light misting of rain early in the morning. It could possibly be the shortest rain shower I have seen(or heard rather) in the blue mtns. It seemed to last for only a few minutes and then the sun broke the horizon and no trace of the rain clouds could be seen.Kanangra to Katoomba March 20123days and 2 nigh...
Within a short time of walking we found ourselves at the bottom of Mt Dingo. Garrett and I decided to head up and have a look from Splendour Rock as the view promised to be great again. We were not disappointed and had a sit down at the log book and read about some of the fallen bushwalkers in the Wars. We caught up with Dan at Mobbs where we refilled with water and then headed off towards Narrowneck and the looming Fire Trail bash.
Heading around Mt Mouin and into Medlow Gap we had our lunch and then proceeded along to Tarros Ladder.Kanangra to Katoomba March 20123days and 2 nigh...
The ladder was good fun and the view back along our route was wonderful.
The walk along the firetrail was not overly enjoyed but did cause no problem. There were the usual view spots and the memories of other trips that have began or ended along the same stretch.Kanangra to Katoomba March 20123days and 2 nigh...
Once at the gate we dialled in a taxi after reception was picked up and were soon on our jolly way back to Sydney.
Pretty much a perfect few days mooching through some great areas. Thanks to Dan for organising the trip, to Garrett for coming along at short notice and Nina for the ride to Kanangra Wall.

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