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Climbing Mt Difficult, Northern Grampians

By Hikingoz
A few Saturdays ago me and my work mates Christo and Lenis headed up to Mt Difficult in the Northern Grampians for an afternoon of trad climbing. The route we chose was the 95m grade 15 Queen Bee.
To begin with it was a fair slog in 30c heat up to the walking track to the foot of the crag. It took us at least half an hour but it was easy enough to find the route once we were up there. It takes a less obvious line up the middle of the slab in the middle of the crag. I led and the others followed up on half ropes. I found the first two pitches were easy enough. The belay ledge at the top of the second pitch with the lose blocks sitting on it isn't really an ideal spot but hey, I guess they can't all be perfect.
The third pitch involves a short climb followed by a bit of a traverse with a slight overhang out to the left. This was definitely more dramatic than the first two pitches especially since I wasn't 100 percent on the direction of the route. It was also more exciting for the second and third who had to follow through the traverse on my spaced out pro. The final moves on the pitch are up a juggy overhang.
We finished the easy fourth pitch not long before nightfall and the view from the top was spectacular. We scrambled off in the dark down to the track and didn't get down to the car until after 10pm. By the time we made it we were out of water, tired and dehydrated but this didn't really detract from the adventure. All in all it has been the favorite multi pitch climb of the summer so far and well worth the effort.

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