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Introduction of Jessica R

By Nuwave

Thanks to NuWave Fitness for letting me write my blog stories on here

Skinny Girl

Healthy. Strong. Fit.

“I wish I had her body!”

Jessica R. intro

Jessica R.

“Man she is soo skinny!!”


I used to catch myself saying these things to myself all the time, feeling sorry for myself had become part of my daily routine. I would see other girls and compare myself to them all the time, wondering why I didn’t look like them. I would see these girls and just think “God, she is so lucky!” Than it just hit me… luck has nothing to do with it, and chances are that those girls you compare yourself to, wishing you could be like worked their butt off to their slim summer bodies. And the sooner you realize that wishing doesn’t work, and that anything worth having is worth fighting for…you too will have you slim summer body!

My name is Jessica and I’m fighting for what I want. I’m not only starting a new blog, I’m starting a weight loss journey as well! To succeed on fails and in my case…fails, and fails, and fails… Nut now, I have it all figured out, there is no quick fix. It is a life style change! Which is exactly what I’ve done, I changed my life style. I live by 3 main rules.

1)   Only eat things that are good for you! (I don’t call it a diet… it’s simply just what I eat)

2)   Work out…HARD

3)   Stay Motivated!

And throughout my blog I will go into each step in-depth.

“Do something today, that your future self will thank you for.”


My Progress

Height: 5’7”

Weight 4/14: 180 lbs.

Weight 5/15/: 170 lbs.

10 POUNDS DOWN! 25 More to go!!!!

Ps. Watch my YouTube Vlog for weight loss Tips&Tricks! Where I show yummy substitution, yummy snacks,tips, and healthy living tricks!!

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