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In Praise of Pets; Why They’re Good for Your Health

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette

We are a nation of animal lovers and really, who can resist that cute little puppy face or that little kitten that wants to walk all over your keyboard when you’re working? But having a pet isn’t just about the cute factor; there is plenty of science out there that shows having a furry friend in your life gives you more than just great photos to put on Instagram.

In Praise of Pets; Why They’re Good for Your Health

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In the hustle and bustle of our younger years, we barely get a moment to ourselves in between working, socializing, relationships, and maybe even raising a family. But as we get a little older, we realize that even in the midst of all that, it can be possible to feel loneliness. This has certainly become a modern day scourge among the older age groups. Companionship from a pet can go a long way in alleviating some of those feelings, and while it’s important to seek help if you’re feeling particularly isolated and depressed, having a loyal friend to absorb some of that loneliness can provide a real comfort for so many of us.

Pets provide more than just a fuzzy feeling, they are scientifically proven to show significant improvements to mental health, even among people suffering with more severe symptoms. Many hospitals across the world have incorporated pet visits and therapy on wards including medical oncology, and of course, children’s wards. The results are conclusive: patients with exposed access to animals feel better mentally, which has a knock-on effect to their recovery time.

In Praise of Pets; Why They’re Good for Your Health

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So, if you’re thinking of getting a pet, you can feel assured that you’re not just getting a cuddly companion, you’re getting access to great health and mental wellbeing therapy. For dog owners, in particular, the benefits don’t just stop there. With a canine, you will have no choice but to get out there in the fresh air with your pupper, rain or shine. Your dog needs regular exercise and that can only be of benefit to owners who might otherwise choose the couch over a run around the park.

Research also shows that the benefits of a pet don’t just stem from the furry kind. Even if you’ve opted for reptiles over fur, you’ll gain from having the responsibility of having a living thing rely on you for sustenance and its wellbeing. The fascination of watching snakes, lizards, turtles, and even insects in their own environments is a fascinating distraction from everyday life and well worth investing your time and money into.

Whether you’re a dog, cat, or lizard person, taking on a pet can be quite a responsibility. However, all that money, those trips to the vet, and pet food are worth every penny in the long term. Battling loneliness, forcing you out of the door for a walk, not to mention providing all those Insta moments means pet ownership will give you more than just a warm feeling. Do your research and figure out who’s in line for becoming your new best friend!

I’m partial to the fluffy, poodley kinds


In Praise of Pets; Why They’re Good for Your Health

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In Praise of Pets; Why They’re Good for Your Health

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