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By Stacie Walker Stacie @staciewalker

  Habits to increase productivity and increase memory

Contributing Author: Michelle Rebecca

Are you finding it hard to get your work done in the 8 hours of allotted time each day?

You may have fallen into some unhealthy habits that are counteracting your productivity.

Instead, recognize those concentration killers and implement the five tips below to help make the most of your day, the healthy way.

1.) Get Enough Sleep to Manage Your Productivity

Sleep to Manage Your Productivity

It’s important to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night because being tired and overworked can negatively affect the quality of your work. Get the right amount of sleep to increase your productivity.

During the 40-hour workweek, we are able to manage our productivity. After those 40 hours, we become less likely to produce quality work.

Being tired can reduce your accuracy, leaving room for errors and costing you time later when you have to review your work to correct your mistakes.

Working overtime and skipping a night’s worth of sleep can bring on similar symptoms to being over the alcohol limit.

Do you want to prevent fatigue, function at peak performance, and keep your mind sharp?  

Stick with getting more than 6 hours of sleep each night.

Being fully rested each and every day improves your memory and alertness, keeping you on point and decreasing your chances of making big mistakes at work. You will feel rested for work and mentally prepared to take on your task at hand.

2.) Eat Breakfast to Boost Your Productivity

Eat Breakfast to Boost Your Productivity

A healthy and balanced breakfast is beneficial to improve your productivity. There’s a reason they call breakfast the most important meal of the day.

Eating breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up helps boost your metabolism and gives you a huge boost of healthy energy.

What a way to start your day!

Eating a healthy breakfast can help you feel more productive and alert.

Do you want to think clearly and concentrate on important tasks? Stock up on various food products with plenty of vitamin B.

Jump-start your metabolism and energy level by preparing a decent bowl of oatmeal before you begin working for the day.

3.) Eat Healthy Snacks for Non-stop Production 

When you feel a hunger pang in the afternoon, make a concious effort to eat health snacks like fruit or yogurt.

If you want to stay productive all day, then it is wise to skip the candy and cookies. Having a sugar induced coma isn’t going to help you get important things done as an entrepreneur.

While you’re struggling to keep your eyes open and wishing you hadn’t eaten those extra cookies, your body may be losing muscle and gaining fat.

Eating fruits and healthy fats can help energize your body and mind and boost your concentration to fight those afternoon lulls. Remember to drink lots of water.

4.) Plan Your Meals in Advance to Save Time and Energy

Want to avoid eating fatty foods and processed sugar? Set yourself up for a productive day by preparing energy boosting foods like oatmeal, fruits and veggies.

You can save a lot time and energy by planning your meals for the entire week.

Plan your meals for increased productivity

When you have healthy snacks readily available, you’re more likely to go for the good foods and steer clear of the sweet stuff.

Always remember to never skip a meal because proper nutrition increases your productivity. When you skip a meal, you lose energy and tend to eat more later in the day to make up for it.

This can throw off your momentum because your body is weighed down. Plus, you aren't able to burn off your food intake.

5.) Keep Your Body in Motion

Take a break every hour to get up and walk around. Doing so can help you recharge your body and your mind.

Walking gets your blood flowing and gives your mind a chance to refocus.

Stuck on an idea? Take a short break for a few minutes and alter your train of thought.

Final Thoughts...

Don't fall into the trap of buying expensive products that promise to enhance your health or productivity.

One thing that is worth the investment is for you to have an ergonomic office set-up.

You may not need anything else extreme or expensive to boost your health and productivity. 

Do your best to implement these five healthy habits into your everyday routine to enjoy the effects of lasting energy, concentration, and a higher level of productivity.

What's Next? What Can You Do?

There are more than five habits to improve productivity. Now it's your turn to expand on today's topic. 

What do you currently do to improve your productivity and memory? 

I would love to hear them, so speak your mind and leave a comment or two below. 

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