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Ideas For Silk Flower Arrangements To Say Goodbye To A Loved One

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette
Ideas For Silk Flower Arrangements To Say Goodbye To A Loved One

It is a tradition to put flowers on a grave when someone passes away, and people often carry on this tradition whenever they visit their loved one. For those who do this, what flowers should you get? Flowers have different meanings and thus it is vital that you choose appropriate silk flower arrangements for graves (silk will last longer!). With that being said, read on for some great suggestions.

Firstly, you need to consider the type of flower you are going to go for, and then you need to look at the different styles of silk flower arrangements. When it comes to selecting an appropriate funeral flower, you should look for flowers that are associated with saying goodbye and expressing sympathy, or you can look for flowers that are symbolic of your relationship with the person, such as those that represent love or friendship. Lilies are the traditional funeral flower. However, yellow roses are ideal for friendship while pink roses or orchids can be a great way of saying ‘I love you.’ If you are part of a grief support group and you have problems speaking about your loved one, showing this through symbols is often advised, and flowers have meanings that can help with this. Once you have decided on a type of flower, you then need to consider the arrangement. There are many options to choose from. You could go for a standard bouquet or arrangement, and many shops selling silk flowers have a section dedicated to funeral flowers specifically. Another option is to go for a wreath or a standing spray. There are no rules in terms of design; it is more about personal preference. However, do be mindful of the fact that other people may want to lay flowers too, so avoid for anything that is going to take up all of the room.

Symbolic Meaning Of Traditional Funeral Flowers

Lilies are a beautiful choice because of the special meaning they carry. They symbolize that the soul has been departed and innocence has been restored. Any kind of white lily expresses purity and majesty, however, white stargazer lilies are a great way of expressing sympathy, and thus potentially a good option to send to the family of the bereaved. Aside from this, orchids are a good choice, as they say ‘I will always love you’. When you are buying orchid silk flowers for a grave, you need to be careful with your color selection, as different colored orchids hold different meanings. The traditional colors of sympathy are white and pink. The variety is also important, with Dendrobium orchids and Phalaenopsis orchids being ideal. Finally, roses are another option to consider. Grief and sorrow is denoted by dark crimson roses, whereas pink roses symbolise grace and love, red roses convey courage, love, and respect, while yellow roses are ideal if you were friends of the deceased. 

Questions To Ask Silk Flower Retailers

Finally, let’s take a look at some questions to ask when getting the flowers you need. How are your flowers made? You want to be sure that you are going to benefit from high quality silk flowers. This is why it is a good idea to enquire about the materials that are being used and to be confident that are they are being crafted to a top standard. Do you have a return policy in place? When you order something online, there is always the chance that it may arrive and not be what you imagined. You want to have the peace of mind that you are going to be able to send the flowers back if you are not satisfied. What are your delivery options? There are cases when you may be in a hurry for your flowers, for example, if you have forgotten about someone’s upcoming birthday. Thus, you will want to be sure that there is an express delivery option available. It is also a good idea to look for a company that delivers silk flowers free of charge, as this will ensure you experience true value for money. Can I look at some of your previous clients’ testimonials? If the company is reluctant to show you these, this should be a red flag, as they may have something to hide. 

•What kind of flowers do you get your loved ones?

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Ideas For Silk Flower Arrangements To Say Goodbye To A Loved One

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