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How to Stick to Your Health Goals

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette
How to Stick to Your Health Goals

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Happy New Year 2020!

We all want to be healthier and feel great but sometimes, it’s a lot easier to revert to our old bad habits – even when we know they’re bad! One of the reasons for this is that once we reach our goal, we relax the rules and wind up right back where we started. This is why so many people do yo-yo dieting and end up far heavier than when they started. 

Instead of making a heap of big changes all at once, it’s far better to start with one small change and build up. Once you have achieved a small success, you get the confidence you need to make the next change. But how do you achieve that first step?

Be Accountable

If you are trying to lose weight but you’re the only one who cares, it’s quite easy to slip back into old habits, because you only have to justify it to yourself. But when you have someone else hold you accountable for your actions, it means that you aren’t just working for yourself but for that person, too. This isn’t about being told off, though; it’s about knowing you have the support you need to make considered changes.

Signing up for a program like Working Against Gravity is a great option for this. By working with a nutritionist, you get all the advice you need and someone looking out for you. With the right kind of support, you can go at your own pace, set your own goals and still know that you are going to make progress.

Notice the Changes

Part of the reason that some people give up on their health goals is that they stop noticing a difference. Because they can’t see a change in the mirror, they assume nothing is happening. But, if you take the time to write down how you are feeling and monitor your stats, you will see a steady improvement over time. 

Keeping a bullet journal to track your health is a great way to focus in on the key things you want to learn about yourself. For example, you could track your blood pressure or make a note of the weights you lifted or how many reps you did at the gym. You could also track your hunger and what you’re eating to see if you are snacking more or less and what you’re eating. The more you track, the more differences you will see and the more you’ll want to carry on. 

Reward Yourself 

Learning new ways to reward yourself is always going to be fun. If you tend to reward yourself with bad food, now is a time to change things up and find new things to enjoy. A warm bubble bath, a night out dancing with your friends, or any number of things could be perfect for you. 

Remember that if you want to make a positive change, you have to think in a positive way. Aim for something good instead of running from something bad. Make your new lifestyle the one you want to keep!

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