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How To Protect Your Teeth As Best You Can

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette
How To Protect Your Teeth As Best You Can

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Dental health is likely only something you think about when you’re experiencing an issue. For the most part, unhealthy teeth are not noticeable, but we all know how terrible a toothache can feel, especially if we are in need of major restorative work. Even most of us who have been through the ‘retainer’ period as children may find that in adulthood, we forget about our dental health unless there is a problem.

However, it’s important to note that our teeth are not infinitely restorable, and so it’s best to look after them while they’re there. This is also an important practice to follow within the household, because the habits and practices we teach our children will set them up for their dental health (or a lack thereof) for life. 

Of course, sometimes, such as in the case of emergency issues, you will need immediate help and the ability to cater to your particular needs. However, the following advice is geared towards the yearly sustenance of your teeth that you can adopt on a habitual basis. Let’s see what that may look like!

Cut Down On Sugar

Cut down on the sugar you consume. This can sound quite harsh, especially when the festive season is coming up. Of course, depending on your sugar intake and how that impacts your teeth, varying degrees of harm can come. Eating a fruit cake? Likely not as bad as drinking can after can of full-sugar Pepsi. It’s important to note that nutrition does have a real impact on your dental health though, and so trying your best to eat non-processed, or non-artifically-sweetened goods can be important.

Visit A Professional

Visit a professional if needed (though you’re supposed to go every 6 months!). Sometimes, we may find that our teeth are starting to hurt, and this dull ache or sharp pain may be difficult to assess where the pain of coming from. If you’re not used to something like this, and we hope you’re not, it can be hard to get a grip on what is even happening at this point. This is why it’s very important to visit a professional and try to ensure that you can have the problem taken care of, rather than letting it grow. Often, a wisdom tooth dentist is the most common form of help you’ll need, particularly in your late teens to early adulthood.

Care For Chips Or Pains

If you find that your teeth are hurting, or feel very sensitive while eating ice cream, that could signify a need to change your daily habits. Using sensitive toothpaste, going for more regular checkups, ensuring that you’re not being irresponsible with the foods you eat, sticking to healthier beverages such as water or green tea, and staying away from high concentration whitening kits can all have a positive effect. If your teeth become chipped or are in pain, always ask a dentist about the restorative work you can have done.

With this advice, we hope you can care for your dental health correctly!

•Have you had your wisdom teeth removed? What is your best advice to keep healthy teeth?

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How To Protect Your Teeth As Best You Can

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