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How To Protect Your Ears From Damage

By Lyndsay S @lyndsinreallife
How To Protect Your Ears From Damage

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Whether you listen to loud music, or go to concerts frequently, your ears can suffer over time. That is why having ear protection for concerts is so important and why you should always choose a good pair of headphones when listening to music at home or work. High-intensity and long-term exposure to noise is one of the leading causes of hearing problems. Exposure to loud, non-noise sounds in the classical sense, including music, can also cause hearing problems. Given this, it should be understood that exposure to loud music over time can cause, among other things, hearing loss and ringing in the ears, also known as Tinnitus. Sometimes, though, it will only be a temporary defect, but prolonged exposure to the damage, unfortunately, can be permanent and irreversible. 

Loud music

Naturally, the sensitivity to noise is not the same in the general public and there can be significant differences in each person’s definition of what is considered a loud sound in their ears, or what volume of music will be considered a loud volume. However, it is important to know that there is an objective measure that determines the volume and it is this that defines what is considered a strong volume. This index, called the decibel index, states that music that is above 85 decibels (units of measure for measuring volume) is loud music. In bars and clubs, where most of the population is exposed to loud music, the music can reach 100 decibels and even more and as immediately detailed, exposure to such noise intensities over time, can cause severe hearing problems. However, even listening to music at high volume regularly using a mobile phone or other device used with headphones, can cause no less damage. 

Nerve hearing loss 

When we talk about hearing problems caused due to exposure to loud music, it is usually a neurological hearing loss, which occurs in the inner ear, in the area which is responsible for our normal hearing. Nervous hearing loss can cause not only impaired hearing quality, but difficulty in deciphering various sounds as well as unpleasant symptoms such as Tinnitus.

How can hearing problems be avoided? 

You should never have the music too high. Make sure to wear quality headphones. It’s also better to wear actual headphones, as opposed to ear buds. There are a number of precautions that can be taken to avoid hearing damage in general and permanent damage in particular. First, you should try to reduce your stay in very noisy places. Second, when going out to places of entertainment where there is loud music, one should occasionally leave the place during the evening to give the ears a rest. Another means that can be very helpful is the use of earplugs which greatly reduce the exposure to the volume of the noise and on the other hand still allow you to hear the music well and enjoy the evening, without causing hearing damage. Finally, when it comes to regular exposure to loud noises, it is advisable to do frequent hearing tests to check the integrity of the hearing and if there is a problem, it can be treated during its development and prevent future damage.

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How To Protect Your Ears From Damage

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