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How To Pick The Perfect Neutral Running Shoe

By Fitfulfocus @fitfulfocus

FRIDAY!! This week has been a doozy. Phew. Weekend. YES! I can’t even speak in full sentences! 

How To Pick A Neutral Running Shoe via @FitfulFocusHow To Pick A Neutral Running Shoe via @FitfulFocus

Anywho, I was going through my closet the other day (no, I wasn’t Spring cleaning – I was just standing there pondering what to wear and deciding that I don’t have any good clothes {note, I have TONS of good clothes}) when I noticed that I have a ridiculous amount of shoes. Any self respecting girl can probably say the same, but most of my shoes were sneakers – and most of those sneakers are running sneakers. 

I have a ridiculous amount of running sneakers. I was looking at them and wondering how I acquired so many. I certainly didn’t buy them all – and I thought to myself, “Self, this would be a great post for Fit & Fashionable Friday.” 

Hitherto, I bring you a post on How to Pick the Perfect Neutral Running Shoe by way of my collection of said type shoe.  

How To Pick A Neutral Running Shoe via @FitfulFocus

First things first, make sure you are in fact a neutral runner. Dr. Jordan Metzel’s book offers up some great tips on how to determine if you are neutral or if you over or under pronate. You can also go to a running specialty store to be analyzed. 

Then, it’s really all about trial and error. Below, I go through each pair I own, how I obtained them, and what I like/dislike about each to help you find the pair for you! 

How To Pick A Neutral Running Shoe via @FitfulFocus

1. Adidas Energy Boost 2.0s – Will got these for me for my birthday last year, and I LOVE them. They have the perfect amount of cushioning for my foot, have a wide toe box (necessary for this girl) and have never caused me a blister. These bad boys carried me through my most recent half marathon PR. I would definitely go with Adidas again once these have to retire. 

2. Reebok ATV 19s – I won these during a Fitfluential twitter party. At first, I thought they made me look like a frog, but after one run, I grew to love them. They are very comfortable, and the weird sole (they look like a lot of nipples poking out – there’s a nice visual for ya!) is actually great for grip on different types of terrain. These guys carried me through my first full marathon and the Nike Women’s Half! 

3. Mizuno Wave Rider 18s – I received these shoes to review for a Fitfluential campaign. You can read the full review here, but in quick summary, I love them! I currently rotate these in with my Adidas for training. And they’re pretty. Bonus :). 

4. ASICS Gel Cumulus 15s – Believe it or not, this is the ONLY pair in this whole collection I bought for myself. It was after I decided I wanted to make running a legit hobby and therefore needed a legit pair of shoes. I went to running store and got analyzed and everything (more on that here). You know what’s crazy, though? These guys have never seen a race, but they are my only current pair of running shoes that has passed the 300 mile mark (thank you marathon training). I no longer run in them because they’re past their “recommended” mileage, but I probably could seeing as they have never caused me any problems. Better safe than sorry, though, right? Instead, these have become my go-to other workout and long-walk-around-the-park shoes. I have a weird emotional connection to these sneakers. They’re my babes. 

5. Reebok Z-Quicks – I received these as part of another Fitfluential campaign. I wanted to love them because they look so cool, but alas, they aren’t comfortable – too tight on my toes. I keep putting them on and hoping they’ll magically stretch out a big. It’s not working. Might be time to make a pretty sweet charitable donation… 

6. Hooka One One Cliftons – I got these from the Fitness Blogger Meet & Tweet. They look HUGE but they are actually incredibly light and cushiony. I only ran with them once (the day of the event) because I think I got a half size too big. My feet slide around a bit. I definitely want to give them another go with some thicker socks and see how they do. I love how light they are! 

7. Reebok One Cushions – These were gifted to me at Blogfest last summer. They may not be the most attractive shoes in the world, but I actually love that they are bright yellow. I run a lot early in the morning before the sun is up, so the reflective look is a.ok by me. Back away cars, I got some serious blinders on my feet! They don’t have a lot of miles yet (because I have so many pairs of sneakers!!), but their time will come. 

8. Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0s – Ok, you got me. These aren’t running shoes. But I just got them with birthday money and I’m excited so I wanted to share! Aren’t they pretty?! oooo ahhhhhh! 

Ok, so overall, I’ve run the gamut (badum chhh) of running shoes. I’ve tried a bunch of different brands, cushioning types, and sole styles. Some overall things I’ve noticed:

  1. I’m drawn to blues, greens, and purples – and they’re drawn to me! Whether I picked out the pair or luckily acquired them, almost every pair is in the blue/green/purple family. Coincidence? 
  2. My toes don’t like to be hugged! I need a wide toe box. Not every neutral runner will, but I don’t like my shoes squeezing my toe box too tightly. 
  3. I’m a flip flopper. With all these shoes, I won’t need to buy a new pair anytime soon, but when the time comes, I have no idea what brand to go with! I’ve had success with Asics, Adidas, Mizuno, and Reebok. So much for brand loyalist… 
  4. I make art with my shoes. TADA!
    How To Pick A Neutral Running Shoe via @FitfulFocus

In the market for new kicks? Here’s how to pick the perfect neutral running shoe! #fitnfashionable
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