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How To Make Burrito Bowls

By Fitfulfocus @fitfulfocus
Whip up an easy weeknight meal sure to please the whole family with this step-by-step tutorial on how to make burrito bowls! How To Make Burrito Bowls

Burrito bowls are a staple in our house. I can't tell you how many times I've asked Will, "What do you want for dinner this week?" and he's responded with, "Burrito Bowls!"

I never argue because a) they're delicious and b) they're so easy to make! It's probably one of the most stress-free dishes we make, making them perfect for a week-night meal. We've made them with all different kinds of bases, proteins and toppings; we're pretty much burrito bowl pros at this point.

As a pro, it's my duty to share my expertise with you all, of course, so I put together this fun little step-by-step guide on how to make the perfect burrito bowl.

How To Make Burrito Bowls

1. Choose Your Base

Simply choose your base. I'm a fan of greens, but when I'm in marathon-training mode I often opt for a carb-option like rice or quinoa. Spanish rice is particularly delicious.

2. Add Your Protein

The next big decision is your protein. Grilled chicken and ground turkey are my faves. I season them up with taco, fajita, or cajun spices and get a big batch cooked and ready.

3. Beans & Things

We usually do black beans as a healthy fat/fiber option. I'll sometimes put corn on Will's. I go corn-less due to my food allergy, but if you can have corn, I say, "Go for it!"

4. Give It A Kick

Some sort of salsa is a must. I like a medium spicy level. Pico de gallo is great for a mild option, or you can go all out with hot sauce.

How To Make Burrito Bowls

5. Avocado For The Win

No burrito bowl is complete with avocado or guac, in my opinion...

6. Gimme The Cheese

...and the pièce de résistance is cheese! I always go for lactose-free options (yes, there are great lactose-free sour cream options and a lot of shredded cheese is actually lactose-free!).

BONUS: Occasionally, we'll add on a few crushed tortilla chips for a little crunchin' action.

That's it! I make a big batch of protein ahead of time and then build the bowls each night. It's just a few minutes of prep for meals all week long, and they're way healthier than a full blown burrito in a nutrient-lacking tortilla.

Let's Chat:
What would be in your burrito bowl?

How To Make Burrito Bowls

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