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How to Live Your Healthiest Life

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette

Everybody likes the idea of being healthy, but not everyone is willing to put in the time and effort to make it their reality. The truth is that staying fit and healthy is something that has to be actively managed — it won’t just come to you! But the good news is that a healthy body and mind isn’t a mystery; we know all we need to know about how to make it happen. Below, we take a look at some tips for living your healthiest life. Make the changes, and you’ll be on your way to a fitter, stronger, and all-around healthier lifestyle in no time.

How to Live Your Healthiest Life


Look at Your Exercise

Did you know that our ancestors were much stronger than we were? That’s because while we spend most of our time sitting down and being inactive, they were always on the move, always using their body. So while a little amount of exercise will be useful, hitting the gym for thirty minutes twice a week isn’t going to do much for you. It’s still more than most people, but less than what you should be doing. Take a realistic look at how much exercise you’re getting each week, and if it falls short (as it likely will), then bump up the time by 25% or so.

Eating Well

We know that it often feels like there’s not all that much time to prepare a healthy meal, but it is worth doing. Meals prepared at home using fresh ingredients are much better for you than processed oven meals or food you’d get from a takeout spot. There are plenty of healthy and tasty fifteen-minute meals to choose from. Make a big batch, and you’ll also have food for the following day’s lunch, too. Plus, once you get into it, you’ll find that there is plenty of pleasure to be had in cooking, and also that you’re saving a lot of money, too.

Good for the Body

It’s not just in your meals where you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting your intake of the good things your body needs to thrive. For starters, it’s not always possible to give your body all the vitamins, minerals, and feel-good substances via meals, unless you have an exceptionally varied diet. As such, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve always got probiotic yogurt, daily vitamins, and doctor recommended supplements in your cupboard. They’ll give your body the additional little kick start it needs to be at its best.

Mental Health

When people talk about being healthy, it’s usually in the sense of their body. But of course, that’s only one side of our health that we need to keep in mind: to be at our best, we also need to ensure that we’re managing our mental health too. There are a lot of benefits to living in the modern world, but there’s no getting around that it’s not always the most relaxing of existences. We’re working longer, fun and chilled times can be in short supply, and that all takes a toll on our mind. Thankfully, there’s more information about what we can do to improve our mental state than ever before. Things like yoga, meditation, and limiting the amount of time we spend online can all do wonders for our minds. If you’re ever in a quick boost, then going for a thirty-minute run is one remedy — plus you’ll be getting your body its daily dose of exercise, too.

Away from the Grind

To further this theme, let’s remember that it’s important that you’re actively removing yourself from your bubble every now and again. Even if you enjoy your work, the long hours and the groundhog day aspect can have effects on both the mental and physical sides of our health. We’re more likely to live a sedentary lifestyle if we’re just working in front of a computer all day, and then returning home to do nothing other than crash in front of the television because we’re so beat. Sometimes, it’s recommended to force yourself to have a vacation. You’ll come back feeling on top of the world after a week of having fun, especially if it’s been an active trip out in nature somewhere.

The Power of Change

Finally, believe that you can always change your health for the better, no matter how out of practice you might be. There have been some amazing transformations in people’s health just because they were motivated to change. Believe you can do it, and you’re halfway there!

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How to Live Your Healthiest Life

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