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How to Improve Your Look- Without Focusing on Fashion

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette

If you feel as though you don’t look good in whatever you wear, then you will know how debilitating this can be. You may feel as though nothing you do works and that your confidence is going to suffer as a result. You have to know that it doesn’t need to be this way, in fact, there are plenty of ways for you to improve your look without focusing on fashion at all.


Putting on nice clothes is only half of the formula. You also need to adjust your posture, as this will transform the way that the garment fits you. It will also help you to have a bigger impact on those around you, too. There’s a high chance that having a good posture won’t come naturally to you and this is understandable, but it is possible for you to change this. Stand in front of the mirror, lift your head up and line up your shoulders, hips and ears. When you are standing completely straight, you then need to curve your lower back and pull your stomach in. This will give you a new-found level of confidence and over time, you will start to do it naturally without even thinking about it.


Before you pay a visit to your local stylist, think about what makes you feel good. Your style will change as you age, and you need to take this into account if you want to get the best result out of your style. A collarbone-length haircut can be versatile and it can also work wonders for your natural weave. Bangs can add an element of precision, too. If you are stuck as to which look you want to go with, then chat with your stylist and channel your personality as much as possible.

How to Improve Your Look- Without Focusing on Fashion

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Researchers have found that forced smiles can increase happiness, and they can also decrease stress.  A smile can go a long way in the workplace too, as it can indicate positivity and openness. Even if you aren’t feeling great, try to force yourself to smile anyway. This will improve the way that other people view you and it will also boost your self-confidence! If you don’t feel comfortable with your teeth or your smile for any reason, then you may want to pay a visit to your dentist. When you do, they can then advise you on the best way to fix your problems. You can also find out what you need to know about adult retainers if this is something that you are interested in.


If you are not one for wearing make-up, this is understandable. But also, it can work wonders for your look. If you want to help yourself here then it is a good idea for you to wear make-up that compliments your natural skin tone. Don’t go too overboard and cover the features you don’t like, instead, try and bring out the features you do like. This will really help you to get the most out of your look and your style in general.

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