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How To Capture the Perfect Action Shot

By Fitfulfocus @fitfulfocus
Whether you're looking to up your Instagram game or just want to snag a cool pic, check out this guide for how to capture the perfect action shot. How To Capture the Perfect Action Shot

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How To Capture the Perfect Action Shot

Instagram is probably my favorite social media platform. It's just filled with so much eye candy! I'm definitely not the type of blogger who obsesses over social media. I like it. I engage with it, but I'm not constantly striving to crack social media algorithms and figure out how to get all the followers.

That said, I do pay attention to what I post on my social channels because my social channels are a reflection of my blog. Almost all of my posts are related to fitness, food and healthy living because that's what this here blog is all about, and that's what you guys like to see!

Some of my most popular posts are shots of me running. I try to snag one during every long run, and a few of you have commented asking how I get said shots. So today, I'm here to reveal my secrets for how to capture the perfect action shot!

How To Capture the Perfect Action Shot

Step 1: Set Up Your Framing

Open up the camera on your phone and set it up the framing to capture where you'll be running/jumping/doing yoga/insert action here. I usually prop my phone up on the ground or on a nearby bench.

Step 2: Get Into Video Mode

Put your camera into video mode. For higher quality, use the back camera vs. the selfie camera. Press record.

How To Capture the Perfect Action Shot

Get moving! Run past your camera a few times. Jump up and down. Do your yoga. Whatever action it is you want to capture, just do it for as long as you like while your phone records you.

Once you're done getting your action on, press stop on your phone's video record and make sure the video is saved.

Open up your video and pause it. While it's paused, you can slowly scroll through the video (basically like watching it in slow motion). When you find a piece of the video that you love (mid stride, mid jump, nailing crow, what have you) simply screen shot it! Take as many screen shots as you like.

How To Capture the Perfect Action Shot

After you screen shot your heart out, pick your favorite, edit it however you like (I love the Snapseed app) and post your perfect action shot to Instagram for everyone to oh and ah over.

Now go, young grasshopper. Get moving and capture your action in all it's actionable glory! And of course, share all that action by joining the Wild Workout Wednesday link up!

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How To Capture the Perfect Action Shot

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