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Homemade Vitamin Gummies

By Fitfulfocus @fitfulfocus
Keep the cold and flu at bay in the most fun (and kid-friendly) way with these five-ingredient, healthy homemade vitamin gummies. Homemade Vitamin Gummies

The flu has been rampant this season. I was hit with the stomach flu back in October. It was absolutely horrible, and almost everyone I know has had it affect their household.

There is plenty we can do to try to stay healthy: exercise, stay hydrated, wash our hands frequently, get a lot of sleep, and of course, take our vitamins!

Vitamin C is a great way to help keep your immune system healthy. You can get Vitamin C through a variety of fruits and veggies, including oranges, strawberries, brussels sprouts, and broccoli, but when it comes to cold and flu season, I'm all about getting an extra, mega does of the good stuff.

I love a good gummy vitamin, so I figured: why not make my own? Before long, these Homemade Vitamin Gummies were born.

Homemade Vitamin Gummies

I adapted my Healthy Homemade Gummy Bear recipe to make these happen, and they do not disappoint. Now, instead of chugging some Effer-C (which I do every time I travel), I can munch on some yummy gummies!

Homemade Vitamin Gummies

The recipe is simple. Bring some water and honey to a boil. Pour in a few packets of Vitamin C powder or Effer-C, and slowly stir in some gelatin.

Pour into molds, refrigerate, and before long, you'll be in healthy gummy heaven.

Ain't nobody getting sick with these bad bears around!

Homemade Vitamin Gummies




Homemade Vitamin Gummies

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Homemade Vitamin Gummies

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