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Home Remedies for Anti Aging You’ve Never Heard

By Rojer @healthxwellness
Home Remedies for Anti Aging You’ve Never Heard

Natural remedies are also available to reduce the aging effects. There are many simple, effective and fun natural anti aging ingredients to try at home.

Looking young and maintaining youth is equally desirable for men and women. One of the best natural skin care methods for anti aging is applying an anti aging product, which is comprised of natural anti aging ingredients.

Anti-Aging doesn’t imply to spend money on different medical and cosmetic interventions. Rather this means that you lead a disciplined life both regarding your daily habits as well as with the food you consume. Actually, Nature has solutions.

Homemade remedies  are also available to reduce the aging effects. There are lots of simple, effective and fun natural anti aging ingredients to test at home. Natural homemade remedies for anti aging skin care are less expensive and safer than the surgery, cosmetic procedures, or chemical solutions.


It is one of the gentlest and many effective substances for removing dead skin cells. Milk contains lactic acid; clinical research indicates that lactic acid helps generate new skin cells. For fresh young complexion all you need to do is splash on a little milk each night after washing your face.


Rejuvenating, stimulating adaptogen, yet helps calm nerves, increases vitality; reduces exhaustion; increases stamina, speeds wound healing. Enhances immune system; balances metabolism and stress response.


Papaya is a superb anti aging remedy. Apply a ripe, mashed papaya on your face for about half an hour and then wash it away with warm water. To maximize the benefits of the papaya, mix a little moisturizer towards the pulp. This remedy can be as effective as an anti-aging facial.

Avocado mask

Avocado includes a lot of natural oil, as we age our skin become dry, avocado really helps to provide you with a young and fresh look due to its oily nature. Simply apply either the mash or slices of avocado on your face and your skin will get that rejuvenated look.

Green Tea

High in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and flavonoids and especially polyphenols; decreases cellular and tissue damage incurred with aging. Protective against cancer, heart diseases and it is an immune stimulant.

Lemon juice

It does wonders for everything from whitening teeth to fading freckles, age spots and darkened elbows and knees. It contains vitamin C, that have a great bleaching power. Vitamin C naturally fades melanin pigment which is the substance that gives freckles and dark spots their color. To erase dark spots you need to apply a few drops of lemon juice everyday for approximately six weeks. The key is to leave the juice on the spots for 15 minutes before rinsing off.

Home Remedies for Anti Aging
Coconut milk

Will help you get that radiant look of your skin. Take raw coconut and squeeze milk from it or buy a whole coconut and go ahead and take milk of it. Apply this coconut milk on your face and it’ll give your facial skin a glowing effect.

Raw potato

An easy and effective home remedy to remove marks and pigments on the facial skin. These can be removed by rubbing raw potato on areas having marks or pigments.

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