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Hippolyte Rocks, Tasman Peninsular

By Hikingoz

Hippolyte Rocks, Tasman PeninsularThis was my first kayaking experience. Working as a track worker on the Tasman Peninsular most days it became a bit of a goal to get out there and check it out. After walking in to my worksite ahead of the weeks shift I borrowed a kayak from a mate, donned the jacket and skirt and got to it. To be honest it took me a while to get the hang of it, particularly since I forgot to put the bloody rudder down for the first kilometer.
Hippolyte Rocks, Tasman PeninsularI pulled into the channel which is home to the popular climbing routes on the candlestick and totem pole. I took the opportunity in the slightly calmer water to twist around and flick the fin down with my paddle. There aren’t too many spots to land between Hippolyte and Fortescue Bay.  Steering with the pedals was still a bit of a struggle since my legs are a bit shorter than my mates. I soon got the hang of it though and made my way along the eastern side of Cape Huay in calmer seas. After a bit of chop leaving the Cape it was a fairly constant paddle the roughly 4 kilometres offshore to Hippolyte Rocks.
Hippolyte Rocks, Tasman PeninsularI rounded the rocks after about an hour and fifteen, observing many sea birds, seals and a whole bunch of tuna fisherman doing laps. It seemed to me that it would be possible to climb up onto the island from one side only, and with some difficulty. I declined the chance because I wasn’t very good at getting in and out of the kayak, particularly in swell.
Hippolyte Rocks, Tasman Peninsular The stretch back to the cape took about an hour of solid paddling but It was a bit easier with the swell at my back. I just had to remember to steer downhill when the waves rolled by me so my rear end didn’t overtake me. I cruised on down the east side of Cape Huay and back through past the Candlestick and into the safe coves buy slightly choppier waters of Fortescue Bay just before 6pm. In total it took me three hours and was a magical experience seeing my workplace from the perspective of the water.
Hippolyte Rocks, Tasman Peninsular

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