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Hemotest / Hemotropin 2XC Review

By Nuwave

So it’s been about 30 days since I started my Hemotest 2XC and Hemotropin 2XC. Both supplements were given to me by Nutrabolics to test and review so shoutout to Rachel Killam from Nutrabolics for that, thank you! So after taking this for 30 days I’ve got some pros and cons to list so this is going to be slightly different layout that my usual supplement reviews simply because the fact that these are capsule form and have no taste or mixability.

So first let’s go over the Hemotest 2XC results I had over 30 days of use. I didn’t take any blood work prior to this so I can’t say how it affected me testosterone level wise.

Benefits of Hemotest 2XC
* Testosterone & Strength Booster*

  • I felt more full and tighter overall after about 2 weeks into the stack. My muscles felt a lot more dense and I felt stronger.
  • I did notice increased arousal as they say on the label after about 3 weeks of use lol
  • Gave me a focused drive to finish my workouts

Drawbacks of Hemotest 2XC

  • Minor headaches if I didn’t take my servings everyday prior to workout. (contains about 80-130mg of caffeine per serving)
  • Expensive product for 30 day supply

I didn’t notice any weight or muscle gains that I could visibly see from Hemotest 2XC. I lost about 2-3lbs total in the course of the 30 days but that might also be due to my less than 100% calorie intake each day.

Benefits of Hemotropin 2XC
*Sleep Aid*

  • I noticed within 1 week, improved sleeping and very vivid dreams
  • I was able to be more alert with even less than usual hours of sleep
  • Was not groggy upon waking anymore
  • FOR ME- I noticed suppressed appetite but the supplement claims to do that to some degree so I was expecting it but over 30 days I saw a 140 calorie average drop which might have resulted in the weight loss I had.

Drawbacks of Hemotropin 2XC

  • Requires to be taken on an empty stomach prior to sleep (I always eat before bed)
  • I often times would wake up during the night to have to go urinate
  • Expensive for 30 day supply


In the end I was very happy to enjoy this stack provided by Nutrabolics. As far as effects, I actually could feel the difference with Hemotropin 2XC. Maybe all the benefits of Hemotest 2XC were just internal insteade :) . If you want a video review of my 30 days then check out the video below, please like share and favorite!

 Hemotest / Hemotropin 2XC Review


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