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Help Wanted: Stories About Real People and Real Yoga

By Ninazolotow @Yoga4HealthyAge
by Nina

Help Wanted: Stories About Real People and Real Yoga

A Lady Writing by Johannes Vermeer

Want to help us out? I’m nearing the end of my work on the Yoga for Healthy Aging book, but I’m still looking for a few stories about real people and real yoga that I can use to illustrate certain concepts. It’s always more compelling as well as more interesting to hear about real people as examples rather than just reading a hypothetical example. And many of the stories I heard so far (and that I’m including) are very moving and inspiring. If your story is long enough, I can even turn it into a post! 
So have any of you been influenced in a life changing way by yoga philosophy or any aspects of yoga besides asana? I’d love to hear your story, however brief. I’m specifically looking for stories on the following topics: 
Ignorance: What’s a before-and-after story of your life before learning something about yoga (other than asana) and than after. An example is Beth Gibbs (see Enough) learning about santosha (contentment), which allowed her to change her feeling of never being “enough.”  
Yamas: Are any of the yamas your guiding light? Did learning about any of them change anything for you? 
Niyamas: Are any of the niyamas your guiding light. Did learning about any of htem change anything for you. Interested in any except santosha (which I have covered). 
I also have one topic left that involves asana practice: 
Immune System: Do any of you practice yoga to support your immune system? Or do you or does one of your students have an autoimmune disease that is helped by yoga practice? 
Feel free to either leave a comment for me on this post, message us on Facebook, or email me at nina at wanderingmind dot com. 
Thanks everyone!
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