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Healthy Girls Night out Ideas You Will Actually Enjoy Doing.

By Heather Murphy @MrsMurphysLOF

Healthy girls night out ideas you will actually enjoy doing.

So this picture was taken at my friends bachelorette party in Atlanta. It was St. Patty’s day so obviously we wore green wigs everywhere, which was awesome for me since I was 6 months pregnant and couldn’t drink.

The things we do for our friends.

This, obviously, wasn’t the healthiest girls night out, but special occasions are for indulging. There are plenty of healthier options for the nights you want to keep it light. Bonus, we still get our wine!

Mani/ Pedi’s with a glass of vino- What girl doesn’t love a good mani/ pedi? It’s relaxing and makes you feel pretty. Go for a glass of red wine after, we all know the anti- oxidants have great benefits in moderation. Strapped for cash? Make it a DIY spa date. Bonus, you still get the wine.

Try a new activity- It could be a fitness class you have been dying to try, or a new trail you’ve been meaning to run. Try to find something that’s new to you and your friends so you can experience together.

Healthy potluck- Have everyone bring a healthy dish. Watch a good chick flick while enjoying them all.

Healthy girls night out ideas you will actually enjoy doing.

The Girls Christmas potluck!

Sign up for a race together- Training is way better when you have a partner. The accountability and camaraderie that comes along with it keeps things positive and fun.

photo (76)

Shop ‘til ya drop- Retail therapy is probably my favorite kind of therapy. (Sorry Charlie!) I will admit, sometimes I enjoy zoning out and shopping until my feet get blistered (what can I say, I’ve got lot’s of issues), but going with a friend really is much better. A second opinion means less impulse buys. You know,  ’I swear I am going to wear these geo- print leggings,’ and they remain in your closet with the price tag on them until you give them to goodwill.

photo (17)

Drinks and dancing- Okay, I know it doesn’t sound too healthy, but I’m not saying you have to take shot after shot and go on a margarita binder. Choose a couple of ‘healthier’ options for the drinks, then go dance it off all night- because there is NOTHING unhealthy about dancing.

Healthy girls night out ideas you will actually enjoy doing.

Froyo- I’m not saying frozen yogurt is the healthiest dessert out there, but it’s a better option than Ben & Jerry’s for a splurge.

Cooking dinner– Try out one of the million recipes you have on your Pinterest board.  You can feel good about marking one off your list  and can be feel guilt- free after dinner.

Now that you have some great options, go have a girl’s night asap!

photo (77)

Check out the date on this one. We were so young, but I have to say, we haven’t aged a bit! Must be all those (cough, cough) ‘healthy’ girls nights..


What do you do with your girls for fun?

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