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Health Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements - Fish Oil is Oil That's Extracted from Fatty Fish Such as Tuna and Mackerel.

By Rojer @healthxwellness
Health Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements

The health benefits of fish oil include being able to aid in treatment of heart diseases, high cholesterol levels, depression, anxiety, low immunity, cancer, diabetes, inflammation, arthritis, eye disorders, macular degeneration and ulcers. It may also help in weight loss, pregnancy, fertility and skin care (designed for conditions such as psoriasis and acne).

Fish oil is oil that’s extracted from fatty fish such as tuna and mackerel. There’s two main sources of fish oil; either eating it raw or via fish oil supplements. Fish oil is generally extracted from Tuna, Salmon, Cod liver, Whale, Halibut and Blubber for that production of Fish oil supplements. These supplements often contain a number of other minerals and vitamins including Calcium, Iron or Vitamin A, B1, C, D, B3 or E.

Fish oil supplements might help ease symptoms of depression in certain people. A few studies in grown-ups suggest that omega-3 fatty acids may be beneficial within the treatment of mild to moderate depression. However, studies using fish oil because the primary treatment for severe depression weren’t done.

Reduction in Depression and Stress

Another advantage of Omega-3 present in fish oil is that it enhances the properties of antidepressants present within the body. This results in reduction in stress and depression. Consuming fish oil may also reduce the occurrence of other psychological problem for example anxiety.

Healthy Heart

Omega-3 fatty acids play a really important role in promoting a healthy heart. It is because Omega-3 reduces the level of bad cholesterol present within our body, bad cholesterol block the arteries hampering efficient blood flow leading to cardiac diseases. Hence, fish oil aids in protecting the body from cardiac diseases for example heart attack and stroke. Research has also proved that fish oil helps with reducing the risk of atherosclerosis in coronary patients.

Improved Brain Function

Consuming food rich in Omega-3 for example fish oil can also aid in improving brain function. Consuming fish oil can lead to improved concentration, memory and skill to complete tasks. Fish oil can be very beneficial for pregnant women and may have positive effects on the developing fetus as well.

Fighting Cancer

Scientists have conducted different studies that have revealed that consuming fish oil reduces the risk of prostate and breast cancer. Fish oil is extremely effective in fighting cancer since it reduces the amount of hormones called “Estradiol” present in our body. These hormones would be the main cause of breast cancer; hence, consuming fish oil cure and prevent breast cancer. Concentrated fish oil protects the body against prostate cancer too, it blocks the conversion of “Arachidonic Acid” which feeds the cancer cells to cause prostate cancer.

Stronger Immune System

Fish oil is good for those who want to strengthen their defense mechanisms. According to different studies conducted by scientists, fish oil strengthens the defense mechanisms and protects the body from diseases for example cold, flu and cough. Omega-3 fatty acids present in fish oil also provide beneficial effect on the immune system.

Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements Health Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements
Beneficial for Developing fetus

Fish oil can be very beneficial for the unborn baby. It’s advised that every pregnant woman should consume fish oil. It is because fish oil helps in the development of eyes and brain of the people. Fish oil also helps in preventing miscarriages and premature birth.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Research has uncovered that fish oil has anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces inflammation in tissues and blood. Consuming fish oil on the regular basis can be beneficial for people struggling with gastrointestinal disorders, short bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease and ulceration colitis. Those who are suffering from Crohn’s disease find it difficult to absorb different vitamins and fats; fish oil could be part of staple diet for they.

Skin Care

Fish oil can have positive effects on the skin too! Fish oil aids in making the skin glow, it additionally reduces dryness too. It also helps in treating different skin problems such as skin lesions and rashes. Fish oil is extremely effective for curing acne too! It’s claimed that fish oil can also provide defense against sunburn.

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