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Hair Loss and Its Homeopathic Treatment That Actually Work

By Rojer @healthxwellness
Hair Loss and its Homeopathic Treatment that Actually Work

Homeopathy has natural treatment for Hairloss without any side effects. It is normal to shed some hair each day as part of this cycle.

Hair loss is one of the most common problems faced by people around the world. Most of us dread the thought of breaking endless hair strands each time we comb or brush. Using the winter season setting in, dandruff problems increase, as the scalp gets dry, further aggravating hair loss in many people.

Homeopaths believe that symptoms are simply the body’s way of expressing an imbalance in mental, physical and emotional energies. Hair loss is no different. Hair loss is merely an indication that a deeper problem exists. As such, homeopathic treatment for hair loss includes careful examination of the entire person, including symptoms, general health, emotional state and life circumstances.

Homeopathy offers a number of medicines for treating hair loss. Here are the top homeopathic treatments for hair loss.An effective homeopathy treatment can be proved most beneficial for the treatment associated with a type of hair loss as homeopathy treats the main cause of any health disorders


This is one of the best homeopathic medicines for preventing numerous hair-related problems. Lycopodium is known as a wonderful remedy for hair loss, pre-mature graying of the hair and even baldness. It’s prepared from club moss (fungus) that is potentised for its usage.

Nitricum acidum

As the name suggests, this drug is prepared from nitric acid. It must be remembered that the remedy doesn’t contain the original drug substance in the material form but it contains just the dynamic powers of the drug that are released after it undergoes the entire process of potentization.

Kalium Carbonicum

Kalium carbonicum is made from potassium carbonate, a compound used through the Egyptians more than 3,000 years back to make glass. Homeopaths may advise Kalium carbonicum to treat dry and thinning hair. Kalium carbonicum is recommended for personality types which are formal, rigid and reserved. Beneforce notes that people who’d benefit from the Kalium carbonicum remedy tend to be physically weak and simply chilled.

Fluoric Acid

This medicine produced from hydrofluoric acid is considered excellent for hair loss, especially alopecia areata, in which the patient in question looses hair from spots around the scalp. Fluoric acid works wonders for alopecia areata and it is recommended by many homeopathy doctors too.


Graphites is an excellent deep acting constitutional remedy prepared from black lead (mineral carbon). It’s a classic good example of one of the splendid acts of Homeopathy that the inert substance like this can be transformed into a remedy having such a large sphere of action. Graphites positively influences the skin, nutrition, circulation, gastrointestinal organs, reproductive system, glandular tissues, mind, etc.

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic Treatment


This medicine, like the majority of other homeopathic medicines, can be used for a spectrum of health problems. However, it’s found to be especially useful for hair loss. Sepia has been found exceptionally helpful for hair loss that results after child birth, alopecia areata, matting of the hair and hair loss because of menopause. This again is a commonly used medicine for hair loss along with a host of other hair problems. It is made by using the inky juice of Cuttle fish.


Silicea is among the most popular homeopathic remedy for hair growth. It’s produced from silica, which is found in sandstone and in human tissue, where it’s used to strengthen bones and teeth. Holistic Online notes that homeopaths use Silicea to nourish dry hair, promote healthy growth and bring back strength and bounce.

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