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GZCLP: Aesthetics Vs Strength

By Nuwave

I've done the GZCLP program for a few months (3 months last year) and just finished doing 7 weeks now before switching onto a different routine. There is a lot of things I enjoy about GZCLP and its probably one of my top 3 workout programs due to the customization options and the progression process.

I did the 4x a week program and saw great results but it always seems to have me breaking down into the 10x rep scheme on main lifts by week 7 or 8 no matter how hard I try to push my strength limits. This is still a great peaking program for what it is but I notice I tend to maybe add too many accessories and the workouts end up being 1hr45min or longer sometimes. Doing 10 sets of 1 rep heavy deadlifts is mentally exhausting in itself let alone another 1hr of workout after that of t2 lifts and accessories.

I noticed for my own self that I was getting stronger on GZCLP but I wasn't getting much improvement on aesthetics. Yeah sure... I know you will say ohh it comes down to just being low enough body fat % and then you will have aesthetics. Sure thats true to a degree but if you are always training in low rep ranges on main lifts then you are building good strength but maybe not getting the best pump feeling or aesthetics. So what I plan to do for a test phase is trying out the Average to Savage 2.0 newly released program from Greg Nuckols . I like his programming system and the 28 free program routine he made was pretty cool to read and see the spreadsheets. So I went ahead and bought his new AtS 2.0 program. It's a 21 week program broken up into training blocks. Should be interesting and fun.

I think a good mix of trying out this AtS 2.0 for 21 weeks or so and then I might return to GZCLP after that and rotate these two programs for aesthetics and peaking program and also some variety. That should carry me at least for a solid 1 year of program. Now it just comes down to me getting in solid calories and protein intake. Weighed in today at around 162lbs at 5″9. We shall see how the path continues on. I think around 165lbs is good and I've pretty much been around this number for the last few months. There was a time I bulked up to 171lbs last year but I was eating high sodium food (mac and cheese easy bulk ). Wasn't really worth it and I was starting to look kind of bloated and not really liking how I saw myself in mirror. It's interesting how much work is involved when just needing 3000 calories a day of high protein high carb low fat diet. It does still take a considerable amount of time balancing the macros . I still struggle with getting enough protein in each day but I am trying 🙂 . Keep going forward!

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GZCLP: Aesthetics vs Strength
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