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Growing Up?

By Finallygrowingup @mordechaikashuk

Growing Up?It has always amazed me, just how thin the layer of humanity is in people.

The fact that that layer is usually false in the first place, we’ll get to later on.  I write, on the side sometimes, to expend my creative juices

There was a “client” on one particular site which shall remain unnamed, who A. actually thought that I was writing on the site to make a living, and then, B. went on to insult and harass me, because he felt threatened and understandably, had to get it out somehow, and place it somewhere.

Do I blame him for being a sad, clearly overcompensating man?

No I do Not.


Because he has provided me with fodder for this post. So thanks sparky


Alright, back to the topic at hand.

False Humanity.

People are in the game of life for themselves.

They may pretend to be in it for others, but PLEASE, do not be fooled.

Now listen, can a parent genuinely love their children? Yes, they can.

Can a child genuinely love their parent? Absolutely.

However, that, my friends is pretty much where the line ends.

Let’s look at marriage.

Can two people, who come from two completely differing pasts, with two completely different sets of baggage, really, i mean REALLY love each other unconditionally?

Absolutely not.

In marriage, there are always conditions. There are always deals being struck, compromises being made, fights being ended, misspoken words being apologized for, etc, etc, etc.

Can a married couple love each other, yes.

But unconditionally? Not a chance.

As far as that thin layer that we were discussing?

It can disappear in a split second.

The very second that someone feels in any way threatened, that film of humanity is gone. They become the beast with-in, in a heart beat.


Quite frankly, unless you are someone they want a favor from, or need to impress, or you are a MAJOR (KEY) player in their little bubble of a world, they have absolutely no use for you, and will only keep the common courtesy going, again, until they feel the slightest bit either offended or threatened.


Welcome to the real world!


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