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  • In 2016


    A sneak preview of Golf Refugees 2016 ball and branding. Our new 2016 ball will be red; as the colour red is perceived as being lucky and we all need a little... Read more

    The 04 November 2015 by   Golfrefugees
  • #Golf and Adventures in Ayrshire, Scotland

    #Golf Adventures Ayrshire, Scotland

    Facebook friend John Bingham and I were texting about golf in his home town of Ayshire, Scotland. The idea of visiting this destination is fascinating and I hop... Read more

    The 25 November 2015 by   Golfforbeginners
  • Easy Tips to Play a Better Round of Golf

    Easy Tips Play Better Round Golf

    After returning from a round of golf this week, my husband offered his usual outpouring of what he did right and what he could have improved upon from tee to... Read more

    The 20 November 2015 by   Golfforbeginners
  • Vw Diesel


    graphic by Golf Refugees. VW Diesel Polo shirt by Golf Refugees. We are hoping to sell 11 million of these. Read more

    The 29 November 2015 by   Golfrefugees
  • Is Golf Tiring for You? PGA Tour Rookies to Excite Fans.

    Golf Tiring You? Tour Rookies Excite Fans.

    An article on stated that "golf is sort of tiring right now" due to a never-ending season. Do you agree and what would you change to make golf mor... Read more

    The 13 November 2015 by   Golfforbeginners
  • Advice for the USGA to Improve the #Golf Experience

    Advice USGA Improve #Golf Experience

    The New York Times published an article this week that the USGA is planning a five-year study on the challenges facing the golf industry, mainly on the player... Read more

    The 05 November 2015 by   Golfforbeginners
  • Red Balls for Him and Her


    2016 Golf Refugees Lady 1N Red balls alignment graphics.#LADY1NRED 2016 Golf Refugees 1N Red balls alignment graphics. Read more

    The 15 November 2015 by   Golfrefugees
  • Bring Black Back?

    Bring Black Back?

    Should Golf Refugees bring back the original black ball? This picture shows our proposed version 2 black golf ball. Golf Refugees sold over 70,000 original blac... Read more

    The 19 November 2015 by   Golfrefugees