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  • Microfibres


    No Product is impactless, but science should be the guide in choices to create the most benign and safe production practices to reduce emissions of synthetic... Read more

    The 15 August 2015 by   Golfrefugees
  • Is #Golf Becoming an Impolite Game?

    #Golf Becoming Impolite Game?

    When I watched golf on television for the first time as a youngster, I happened upon two players whom I later found out to be Nicklaus and Palmer - later on I... Read more

    The 07 August 2015 by   Golfforbeginners
  • Experience The Rules of #Golf in an Entirely New Way

    Experience Rules #Golf Entirely

    The world of golf is gaining technological steam, from the latest on-glove wearables and virtual putting greens to interactive videos designed to allow... Read more

    The 27 August 2015 by   Golfforbeginners
  • The Shortest Way to the Cup - Playing Target #Golf

    The object of golf is to get the ball into a 4.25 inch hole in the least number of strokes. Each hole can be considered an individual adventure, leading the... Read more

    The 20 August 2015 by   Golfforbeginners
  • Odds of Swan Songs Winning the PGA Championship? #golf

    Odds Swan Songs Winning Championship? #golf

    The stage is set for drama at The PGA Championship, Whistling Straits, the last official major golf tournament of the season. This major could be considered a... Read more

    The 13 August 2015 by   Golfforbeginners