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Get Your Pup’s DNA Tested At A Swab-A-Thon Event With Wisdom Panel 3.0

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Mars Wisdom Panel 3.0. As always, I only share products or events I feel my readers would enjoy.

It’s simple: dogs are family. From the moment your pup is placed in your arms, he is your baby. Whether he’s a puppy, an adult, or a senior, he is your baby. Your kids recognize your dog as their brother. He sleeps in your bed, you take him on trips, and you love him unconditionally. That’s exactly how I am with my poodle puppy, Archie.

Archie Canon 1

 Archie, 8 months

We do genetic testing on our human babies to ensure they are as healthy as possible. But what about our fur babies? We want them to be as healthy as possible, too! Well, we now have that chance. Mars Veterinary, the industry leader in canine genetic testing, is launching Wisdom Panel 3.0; the next evolution of the canine DNA test. Wisdom Panel 3.0 also features the potentially life-saving Multi-Drug Resistance 1 (MDR1) genetic mutation screening.


Why is it important to understand the genetic makeup of my dog?

There are a vast amount of different breeds, and until now, we’ve been distinguishing the breeds by visualization. For example, I look at my dog Archie (pictured above). I was told he is an apricot toy poodle and would grow to be 5 or 6 lbs. He looks like a poodle, but only his ears are apricot, and he is full-grown at 10.6 lbs. I buy him food specifically for poodles, I get him groomed like a poodle, my vet has me pay more attention to health issues that poodles can develop, and so on.  I have no way of knowing if he is actually a purebred poodle. Sure, some purebreds have papers, but I rescued Archie. Just like other rescue parents, I have no idea where Archie really came from. With a DNA test like the Wisdom Panel 3.0, I am able to find out his genetic makeup, allowing me to tailor his care to what he truly needs.

This is Troy, Archie’s best friend. It’s hard to tell which breed he is just by looking at him, right?

Troy Wisdom Panel 3.0

What about Archie’s other friend, Harvey? It’s a little easier to tell Harvey’s breed, but his parents still aren’t 100 percent sure.

Harvey Wisdom Panel 3.0

How does Wisdom Panel 3.0 work?

The Wisdom Panel 3.0 begins when you use the cheek swabs to collect DNA from your pup’s cheek. The sample is sent to a lab and scanned into a database. Afterward, according to Wisdom Panel,

“The swabs then undergo processing to extract the DNA from your dog’s cells which are then examined for the 321 markers used in the test. The results of these markers are sent to a computer that evaluates them using a proprietary algorithm designed to consider all of the possible pedigree trees in the last three generations” (source).

Within 2-3 weeks, the results will show which breeds make up your dog’s genetic history! For more information on how it works, visit their website here.

What makes Wisdom Panel 3.0 different from previous versions?

Aside from expanding the breed screening coverage, the 3.0 has MDR1 genetic mutation screening. MDR1 (Multi-Drug Resistance 1) is a genetic mutation found in many mixed breeds dogs (some herding and sight hound breeds, as well). Dogs with MDR1 may have severe adverse reactions to some common drugs. Therefore, mixed breeds (and some purebreds with the high-propensity breeds) should be tested to hopefully prevent any of the adverse reactions. For more information on breeds and drugs affected by the MDR1 mutation, visit

Now through December, the WISDOM PANEL® “SWAB-A-THON” TOUR will visit various locations to offer swabbing for dogs. Through this tour, Wisdom Panel will strive to educate dog owners on the importance of genetic testing and how it will help them be better pup parents. By having better knowledge of their dog’s background, owners can better understand, take better care of, and build a stronger relationship with their pet.

Bring your dog to the Wisdom Panel booth at any Swab-a-thon event in your area, and get him swabbed on site for a special price ($39.99)! You can also take home a discounted DIY kit ($49.99; MSRP $84.99). About three weeks after the cheek swab test is received, you’ll be emailed an official Ancestry Report revealing your dog’s genetic background!

Swab-a-thon Events:

  • America’s Family Pet Expo – Costa Mesa, CA – (April 10 -12)
  • GoPRO Mountain Games – Vail, CO – (June 4 – 7)
  • Amazing Pet Expo – Austin, TX – (August 1)
  • Mars Pet Adoption Fair – Franklin, TN – (October – exact date TBD)
  • Amazing Pet Expo Holiday – Pomona, CA – (December 5)

For more information on Wisdom Panel 3.0, Swab-a-thon events, updates, and discounts, follow Wisdom Panel on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

To purchase a Wisdom Panel 3.0 kit, please visit their website.

Wisdom Panel Winnie Dog DNA

 Image Courtesy of Wisdom Panel

I can’t wait to get Archie’s Wisdom Panel 3.0 done! Are you going to get your fur baby’s DNA tested, too?

Thank you so much for reading!

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