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  • The Wildlife Trusts and Fancott Meadows

    Wildlife Trusts Fancott Meadows

    Last Saturday we made our third visit to Fancott Meadows, a Coronation Meadow which is managed by the BCN Wildlife Trust. This time we went along with our... Read more

    The 27 June 2015 by   Gardeningjules
  • Ain't Nature Wonderful – Part #89778965

    Ain't Nature Wonderful Part #89778965

    Here's the nature-loving equivalent of a *spoiler alert* ... warning to arachnophobes, this post is about spiders...They've all gone? Good, on with the... Read more

    The 06 June 2015 by   Gardenamateur
  • Early June Progress Report - Fruit and Veg

    Early June Progress Report Fruit

    June is upon us, but it still doesn't seem like Summer! Our daytime temperatures are mostly in the mid teens (Celsius), and night-times ones are still mostly 8... Read more

    The 03 June 2015 by   Mwillis
  • New Photo: Live Oaks with Spanish Moss

    Photo: Live Oaks with Spanish Moss

    Live Oaks with Spanish Moss © 2015 Patty Hankins I’ve recently added a new photo – Live Oaks with Spanish Moss – to my website. OK... Read more

    The 22 June 2015 by   Pattyhankins
  • The Questions - Lady Ursula Cholmeley

    Questions Lady Ursula Cholmeley

    Lady Ursula Cholmeley is the owner (with her husband) and inpirational/motivational force behind the revival and restoration of Easton Walled Gardens. Read more

    The 28 June 2015 by   Ozhene
  • Spring Trellis – Motif 2 Completed

    Spring Trellis Motif Completed

    The second motif on the Spring Trellis crewelwork embroidery is done and I am really pleased with my progress to date. The instructions are from Hazel Blomkamp’... Read more

    The 19 June 2015 by   Patientgardener
  • I’ve Been a Bit Preoccupied Recently

    I’ve Been Preoccupied Recently

    Regular readers may have noticed that posts have appeared a little less regularly over the last few months. The main reason for this is the growing realisation... Read more

    The 21 June 2015 by   Spadeforkspoon
  • A Bit of an Update


    Today I don't have any specific subject to write about, so I thought I would just give you "a bit of an update"...Lots of the veggies are nearly ready, like... Read more

    The 20 June 2015 by   Mwillis
  • Pinching-out and Tying-in

    Pinching-out Tying-in

    Now that the weather has improved a bit (not a lot!), the tomatoes are beginning to grow (rather reluctantly, I feel.) They had reached the stage where they... Read more

    The 11 June 2015 by   Mwillis
  • Broad Beans with Smoked Gammon

    Broad Beans with Smoked Gammon

    This is the first meal I have cooked this year with home-grown Broad Beans.Home-grown Broad Beans are not available very often. Read more

    The 30 June 2015 by   Mwillis


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