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Game Review: Shadow Memories Paperblog Pick in Gaming

Game Review: Shadow of Memories

Shadow of Memories (2001)Eike, is murdered in the street His next memory is of being offered the chance to relive his life, this time with the ability to travel in time! Read more

(Feature) DON'TS: Next Games Paperblog Pick in Gaming

(Feature) DON'TS: Next Gen Games

Game developers no doubt have their own plans for the future, however the views and opinions of gamers are of the utmost importance. Here is what I do not want from the next... Read more


  • iOS Game Review: 4 Pics 1 Word

    Game Review: Pics Word

    By HedgeI don’t normally do iOS game reviews. I keep meaning to, because screencaps are easy and between my iPhone and my iPad I play a shit ton of games on... Read more

    The 27 February 2013 by   House Of Geekery
  • 5 Amazing Minecraft Mega-Projects

    Amazing Minecraft Mega-Projects

    It's no secret that I am a huge fan of Minecraft, and all it's blocky, free-building goodness. For about as long as I've owned the game, I've had dreams of... Read more

    The 04 February 2013 by   Findthebluekey
  • S&S Review: Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

    S&S Review: Cooper: Thieves Time

    Title: Sly Cooper: Thieves in TimeFormat: PS3, PS VitaRelease Date: February 5th, 2013Publisher: SCEADeveloper: Sanzaru GamesPrice: $39.99ESRB Rating: EStory an... Read more

    The 14 February 2013 by   Sameo452005
  • StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Opening Cinematic is Here

    StarCraft Heart Swarm Opening Cinematic Here

    I know, I know… I brought you lots of trailers lately but what can I say, it’s trailers galore out there.Now it’s StarCraft’s turn and with the release date... Read more

    The 03 February 2013 by   Ningauble
  • Sony PS4 Announcement: 15 PS3 Games You Should’ve Played by Now

    Sony Announcement: Games Should’ve Played

    The beginning of a new console generation is mostly about looking forward. Looking to the new technologies, new franchise entries and new IPs. Anticipation... Read more

    The 18 February 2013 by   House Of Geekery
  • S&S; Mobile Review: Year Walk

    S&S; Mobile Review: Year Walk

    Title: Year Walk Format:iPad, iPhone, iPod touch Release Date: February 21st, 2013 Publisher: Simogo Developer: Simogo Price:2.99 Summary Year Walk is the fourt... Read more

    The 21 February 2013 by   Sameo452005
  • (Series:1 Ep.4) Ultimate Team Player Of the Week

    (Series:1 Ep.4) Ultimate Team Player Week

    Mesut ÖzilClub: Real MadridLeague: La Liga BBVANation: GermanyPosition: CAMHeight: 5'11"Foot: LeftWeek Foot: * * Skill Moves: * * * *Attacking Workrate:... Read more

    The 15 February 2013 by   M00kyst
  • Has the Battleground Shifted in the ‘Console Wars?’

    Battleground Shifted ‘Console Wars?’

    It ain’t 2006 anymore…Let’s face facts, the console wars aren’t what they used to be. Back in 2005 when Microsoft raced to rush out release the Xbox 360 a year... Read more

    The 26 February 2013 by   Cortiz78
  • Harry Potter Slider

    Harry Potter Slider

    Life can be much better if we only knew how to organize our spare time. Since we live in the modern world full of entertaining contents, we are free to choose... Read more

    The 19 February 2013 by   Hiddenobjectgames2011
  • S&S Review: Omerta: City of Gangsters

    S&S Review: Omerta: City Gangsters

    Title: Omerta: City of GangstersFormat: PCRelease Date: January 31, 2013Publisher: Kalypso MediaDeveloper: Haemimont GamesPrice: $39.99ESRB Rating: TStory,... Read more

    The 10 February 2013 by   Sameo452005


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