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S&S; Mobile Review: Year Walk

Posted on the 21 February 2013 by Sameo452005 @iSamKulii
S&S; Mobile Review: Year Walk Title: Year Walk
Format:iPad, iPhone, iPod touch
Release Date: February 21st, 2013
Publisher: Simogo
Developer: Simogo
Summary Year Walk is the fourth Simogo project. It stretches over two different apps. A game called Year Walk, and a free app called Year Walk Companion. Both are enjoyable in their own ways, but together they create an experience that is greater than the sum of its parts. Year Walk is a first person puzzle, adevtnure, and artful game based on the Swedish myth of the same name. People who wish to year walk isolate themselves and refuse to eat or drink for a full day before striking off toward the local church at the stroke of midnight. At the beginning of Year Walk, you start right into afew lines of notable text and then right into the game. No difficulty levels, no settings, or pausing. As soon as you figure out how to control your view, which is at first only swiping left and right, or up and down. You are looking at your cabin at the beginning of the game. S&S; Mobile Review: Year Walk There are no hints, or arrows that tell you were to go. You will notice carvings in the tree and areas that start to seem weird. Finding your way to way to a eerie wing mill. You see a woman who will speak to you, there are sounds just lines of text. You eventually tell her you are going on a Year Walk. Her facial expression quickly starts to change. S&S; Mobile Review: Year Walk Continuing through the game you wonder what you are to even do. Getting lost is something that will frustrate you because you do not know the next place to go. The area you are in is fairly small. After a short amount of time you start to realize Year Walk is a horror game. With sections that will build up suspense like in movies. Warning that as much as everyone hates it, things will pop up and startle you. Not only is Year Walk a horror game, but a puzzle game also. Seeing areas with different shapes, numbers, and arrows, I recommend writing them down with having to use them later in the game. Visuals S&S; Mobile Review: Year Walk The way the game looks is like nothing else. As you could see from the pictures above. Your perspective always stays 2-D. Constantly having something to look at with the snow always falling. The shading of trees, rocks, and water are so simple yet so high res, they are some of the best visuals I've seen in gaming. Throughout the game you experience different color textures that match the area, and shading that captures when it's day or night time. Changing from dark, cold, and snowy woods, to a warm, vibrant setting towards the end. That may disturb you. S&S; Mobile Review: Year Walk Audio Not only is Year Walk a beautiful looking game, but sound one as well. To start the game I recommend a good pair of headphones, because without being to hear Year Walk well is taking away a large amount of the experience you will receive from it. When you swipe to move in different areas, you will hear snow crunch with each swipe as you would when you walk in snow in real life. Hearing soft or suspenseful folk music and instruments throughout the game will settle you or give you chills. As I mentioned that the game is very eerie like at times when you go inside the wind mill. The music and sounds flow well as the game goes. Outro Year Walk is a relatively short game. Easy to finish in under an hour. The puzzles are challenging, it's beautiful to look at and hear. Swiping with one finger, allows you to add two, and even three to complete sections. Tilting your device upside down is even used to figure something out. A game that should be experienced once or twice, and in one sitting. Part will make you jump or even have your jaw drop. Year Walk will numb your mind, treat your eyes, and satisfy your ears. S&S; Mobile Review: Year Walk S&S; Rating: 10/10

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