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Fun Lockdown Workouts To Keep You Motivated

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette

Working out at home is one of the ways you can stay fit while social distancing is happening. Exercise is always important, but even more so now. It helps keep you healthy, keeps your mental health in check, and gives you something to do to give some structure to your day.

But one of the issues with exercising at home is finding the motivation to do it. It can be hard to make workouts fun and to get yourself psyched up to sweat each day. 

So what can you do to make working out at home more enjoyable? Here are some fun lockdown workouts to keep you motivated!

Fun Lockdown Workouts To Keep You Motivated

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Challenge yourself with a HIIT workout

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts are a fantastic way to exercise. They’re short, sharp and super high-energy – not something for the faint-hearted. But that’s all part of the fun! HIIT workouts provide a fast-paced, challenging session that will help you tone up while losing fat, plus help to improve your cardio health. They’re difficult, but full of some fun moves to keep you busy. Check out some of the best HIIT workouts on YouTube and start pushing yourself.

Get yourself a rebounder

If you’re looking for a great way to exercise, get yourself a rebounder. But what is rebounding on a trampoline? Rebounding is an effective form of exercise, while also having the benefit of being a lot of fun. While many people have trampolines in their backyards for the kids, this is a type of equipment that’s more suited to the adults in the family. With so many great exercises you can do on a rebounder, it’ll certainly liven up your fitness routine.

Try partner exercises

Working out with someone else is a great way to stay motivated, so why not give some partner exercises a try? There are some great partner exercises you can do with a resistance band, as well as bodyweight moves. Partner workouts can be fun, challenging and could even bring you closer together – making for one highly effective way of working out!

Join a group workout with friends

Video calls have become a part of people’s daily routines, with both work and social lives taking place on applications like Zoom. But have you thought about doing a group workout with friends online? A video workout can be a fun way of spending time together and help you look forward to a workout. You could follow another video together, or task someone to design the workout each time! This is an ideal solution for those who miss going to classes and want a bit of company when they work out.

Staying motivated to exercise is never easy, but there are a lot of things you can try while in quarantine to stay on top of your fitness. Check out some more fun ways to workout at home to help you stay strong and healthy and keep on top of your fitness goals!

•What have you been doing to stay on top of your workout routine?

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Fun Lockdown Workouts To Keep You Motivated

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