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Full Body Cardio BLAST Workout

By Fitfulfocus @fitfulfocus

It’s Wi-wi-wi Wild Workout Wednesday!!! (That’s meant to be said as though you’re announcing a DJ on the radio De-de-de-DJ Goofy White Kid <— legit DJ be-te-dubs) Ok, now that we’ve had that fun, onto the post!

Since joining a CrossFit gym (more on that to come), I’ve been trying to hone my jump rope skills. I used to not be able to jump more than twice without tripping. Matter of fact, I’ve never even ATTEMPTED double dutch. Nope, not even as a kid. I know, what kind of little girl was I?! Cue horrified playground flash backs. Just KIDDING! Kinda…

Well now, I’ve got the single-under pretty down pat and I’m try to master the double-under (where the rope swings under you feet twice in one jump). I just can’t seem to get it, but I just have to keep at it and practice, practice, practice. ‘Cause it’s all about that jump, ’bout that jump, ’bout that jump, no trippin’. Ha! I’m so clever. 

Anywhoooo, I created a little workout that incorporates a lot of jump roping, so that I can keep working on those jump rope skillzzz on non CrossFit days. Oh and why not work my whole body while I’m at it? Enter the Full Body Cardio BLAST workout! 

Full Body Cardio Blast Workout via Fitful Focus

As if jump roping on its own isn’t hard enough, I’m adding in some upper body work, core work, and of course, SQUATS! 

Do it. Sweat like a beast beauty beast? Oh whichever you prefer to sweat like, and show me those sweaty selfies! 

Let’s Chat:
Are you good at jumping rope?
Did you do double dutch back in your playground days?

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