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From The Surface To The Core: The Aspects Of Our Health We Need To Protect

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette
From The Surface To The Core: The Aspects Of Our Health We Need To Protect

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Getting older can result in a lot more anxiety and general unease, especially when our health is concerned. But from the surface of our skin to the core of our bones, the real solution in maintaining health as we age is about protecting, rather than preventing. It’s really all about the fundamentals.

Your hearing and eyesight

Do yourself a favor and go to an audiologist to have a check-up on your hearing. As you get older you might find that you miss certain words. Ultimately, as we get older we need to maximize our capabilities, and if hearing aids or contacts do this, then so be it! We need to function at the best of our abilities, and this means the most basic of senses being in tip-top shape.

The importance of a healthy gut

As more people look to probiotics and prebiotics, and fiber as a way of maintaining gut health, we are only now beginning to see just how much of an impact it has on our entire body. Having a healthy gut is about minimizing sugar but also eating the right things. There is such an abundance of processed foods that we need to get into the habit of eating well, not just for overall health, but as the gut has such a control over our mental health as well as our physical health, it needs to be a priority.

Exercising (but not too much)

A lot of people love running, but it’s a high impact exercise that can severely damage joints, as such as you get older it’s worth getting stronger because you’ll feel the benefits in your bones, but what is the best way to do this? There are plenty of low impact, high intensity exercises out there, like using resistance bands, as well as yoga and pilates. Strength training is a wonderful thing just as long as you do it right. A lot of people feel that in order to be supremely healthy, they have to exercise every single day. But strength training and some mobility two or three times a week is enough for overall health.

Your brain health

Arguably the most complex of all health problems can stem from the brain. We all have concerns about cognitive decline and illnesses like Alzheimer’s, but when we look at treating our brain as a muscle, this is when it will benefit the most. Keep practicing, do things that stretch your brain, like learning languages, and this will keep your mind in good shape. If you find yourself prone to depression or anxiety, it could very well be due to worries about getting older, or fear of isolation, and it’s these things that you should aim to rectify as soon as possible. Getting older should mean getting happier. And when we live in a world that’s full of stress, the one thing that we have to look forward to is retirement, and this means that we have to protect our health now so we can get the benefits later on in life.

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