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Five Last Minute Halloween Costumes

By Fitfulfocus @fitfulfocus
So you have a Halloween party to go to but no costume to wear? These five last minute halloween costumes can be thrown together before you can say, "BOO!" Five Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love putting together costumes (check out some of my past creations) and seeing how creative other people get, as well. Plus... candy!

I'm usually the one trying to plan an elaborate costume and have a DIY-or-bust mentality when it comes to creating them, but this year, I just need something simple.

You see, I'm moving out of our apartment this Sunday (eek!). That paired with all the other moving and life logistics means making a crazy costume just wasn't in the cards, so I ended up doing something I haven't done since college and went with a store bought costume. I'm feeling a little guilty about buying something pre-made, so to make up for it I'm going to give YOU 5 last minute costume ideas you can throw together in a jiffy.

Five Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Five Last Minute Halloween Costumes


Get a party hat and some animals ears. Put 'em together and what do you get? A Party Animal (cue laugh track). It's inexpensive. It's easy. It's funny. Wins all around.


This one is for all my fit and focused friends! Simply put on some running capris and your favorite race shirt. Throw on your favorite running shoes, and don your most badass medal. Badabing. Badaboom. You're a marathoner. You know what marathoners need to survive a race? Sugar. You know what has sugar? CANDY! Nailed it.

Five Last Minute Halloween Costumes


This one is so easy, and when people realize what you are, they'll feel so smart. Get some "Hello, my name is" stickers. Write in a bunch of random names, and stick them all over a black shirt. Put on a black knit hat, and watch as you transform into an identity thief!

Okay, I know this isn't DIY, but it's just too darn cute not to include. Target has a ton of amazing onesies right now. They have this unicorn, some Disney characters, minions and a bunch of other animals. I'm kind of obsessed and seriously debated buying this. I still might have to get it because... unicorn.

As a blogger, this costume hits a little too close to home, but if you're really at a loss for a costume idea or just aren't a costume person this shirt may be just what you need. If you don't have time to order one or screen print your own, simply get a white shirt and a Sharpie. Write on the front of the shirt, "Error 404 Costume Not Found."

Now that you have some ideas, go get to it. Time's a'tickin! But before you run off on your last minute costume hunt, come join the Fit & Fashionable Friday Link Up! Full rules and details can be found right over here.

Five Last Minute Halloween Costumes

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Five Last Minute Halloween Costumes

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