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Five Alternatives That Help Promote Good Health

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette

There’s plenty of methods out there to try when it comes to encouraging good health. Some are very common, such as eating healthy or exercising, but what about alternative methods? Here are five alternative ways to help promote good health!

Five Alternatives That Help Promote Good Health

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Influence With Light

Light influences the human body and can affect our mood in a variety of ways. Light therapy and absorbing sunlight can have benefits to our bodies as a whole. Try to incorporate natural light within your home as often as you can, especially within the bedroom, as this shining through in the morning can wake you up in the best way. It’s much better than the abruptness of an alarm going off…or several if you are a fan of hitting the snooze button.

Think about your lighting within the home too. Opting for more warm lights than cold white, which can feel quite sterile and makes your space look less inviting.

I use a light/sun lamp, especially because I tend to sleep during the daylight hours. I got it off Amazon, and it mimics real daylight. I use it for 15 minutes each day. It’s amazing!

Vitamins And Alternative Medicines

There are plenty of vitamins and alternative medicines on the market that may be worth trying out. One example is the use of CBD and cannabis flowers. These have taken a more prominent place in the mainstream market because they have proven to help with certain health conditions, from back and body pain in general, to more serious health conditions like Parkinson’s disease. CBD oil has been a huge help with warding off the migraines I get, and also my overall sense of well-being.

Cut Down On Social Media

A lot of us often spend time on social media to some extent, and it’s hard not to be involved with something that’s so prominent in our society nowadays. However, too much social media can end up affecting your mental health, especially as what we see portrayed isn’t always realistic. Limit your time to what you spend surfing these social media platforms, and give yourself a digital detox every now and then to make time for yourself.

Look After Your Teeth

It’s not always commonly linked to health, but keeping good care of your teeth goes towards having good health overall. Oral health directly impacts the rest of the body, and so it’s important to go to your dental appointments when required. If you spot something that’s not quite right, get it sorted. Don’t avoid it. You could be putting your general health at risk.

Avoid Plastic

Plastic has become a big problem for the environment, but it’s also dangerous to us humans. Making sure you don’t heat up food or eat out of plastic containers is good to put into practice, and always make sure you are recycling plastic water bottles after a few weeks. Even better, use a reusable water bottle (better for the environment!). It’s also better to store food items in glass jars, rather than plastic. It’s slightly more costly to buy glass, but when it helps with health (& the environment), it’s worth the investment.

Health, whatever your age, should always be important to you. Take on these tips to promote good health for both you and the rest of your household. Do research into traditional and alternative medicines, and look at all the ways you can help promote health all over your body.

What are some ways you practice good health? Share in the comments below!

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Five Alternatives That Help Promote Good Health

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