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Fit, Focused & Fun Finds (from Around the Web!) #44

By Fitfulfocus @fitfulfocus

No small talk today. Let’s just get to the finds!


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If you’re new here, Fit, Focused, & Fun Finds are articles, posts, videos, memes, and anything I’ve come across while perusing the world wide web that I think you’d enjoy. Take a gander through these links and discover some new blogs, pubs and peeps to follow and perhaps learn some fun things in the process!

20 foods that define muscles | ACTIVE
10 comfort food makeovers under 400 calories | MyFitnessPal
15 delicious treats with hidden healthy ingredients | Sandi’s Allergy Free Recipes
33 healthier versions of your favorite Thanksgiving dishes (better late than never!) | Simple Holistic Girl
50 healthy foods to add to your grocery list | Sonima
17 healthy drink options to help you survive cold season | Well & Good
What the heck is a deconstructed latte and why should I be drinking it? | Well & Good
The little known food intolerance that could be harming your health (hint: it’s not gluten) | MindBodyGreen
What when and how much you should eat post-run depends on the workout. | Runner’s World

4 core moves you can do from your bed | ACTIVE
5 new ab moves to try with a friend | MyFitnessPal
4 fun treadmill workouts | MyFitnessPal
Six travel-friendly moves to help boost recovery after a run | Runner’s World

Don’t sacrifice style for function: this stylish smartbag offers both | PSFK

Drop-off service lets you ditch the heavy shopping bags | PSFK
Love that Saucony partnered with Matthew Inman of the The Oatmeal! | Adweek

12 habits of healthy, happy people who don’t give a $h*t about your inner peace | Yoganonymous
How to cook spaghetti squash | Greatist
17 ways to be more productive at the gym | Greatist
A suite of devices for debunking wellness myths | PSFK

Love this collection of fun & interesting reads! Come check it out!
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Let’s Chat:
Would you drink a deconstructed latte?
Would you do ab work in bed?
How do you stay productive at the gym?

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