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Fit, Focused & Fun Finds (from Around the Web!) #41

By Fitfulfocus @fitfulfocus

Happy Thursday! The Pope is coming to NYC today, so I’m expecting things around here to get a little cray. I might just have to shut myself up in my apartment, avoid traffic and craziness and re-read all these awesome finds that I’m sharing with you!

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Fit, Focused, & Fun Finds are articles, posts, videos, memes, and anything I’ve come across while perusing the world wide web that I think you’d enjoy. Take a gander through these links and discover some new blogs, pubs and peeps to follow and perhaps learn some fun things in the process!

Mac & cheese recipes that are actually healthy | Greatist
37 energy bites for on-the-go snacking | Greatist
A NYC Art Director created different smoothies based on Pantone colors, and I want all of them | by way of PSFK

The do’s and don’ts of city running | ACTIVE
Self Rolling Yoga Mat! | PSFK
Work your entire butt in less than 10 minutes | Greatist
18 ways to become a morning runner without even trying | BuzzFeed
The beginner’s guide to the weight room | MyFitnessPal
5 low-impact exercises that burn crazy calories | MyFitnessPal
5 great podcasts to boost your run | Zelle
10 minute standing core workout | Greatist

12 of the season’s best running jackets | Runner’s World
Connected insoles track your steps and warm your toes | PSFK
Nike’s latest women’s shoe line is inspired by global cities and their iconic treats | PSFK
Jawbone nail art matches your activity tracker | PSFK
Loving all these backpack bags | PureWow
If this happens, I know where all my money is going: Delia’s is back from the dead and will make clothes for adults! | Buzzfeed 

I signed up for this daily does of happiness | Buzzfeed
22 of the funniest excuses people have used to justify skipping a workout | Buzzfeed
How much would Barbie’s mansion be in real life? | PSFK
A cat’s reaction to a laser pointer | The Oatmeal

13 genius new uses for kitchen items | Real Simple
How to wash your workout clothes | MyFitnessPal
11 things to do after a bad night’s sleep | PureWow

5 brilliant observations on fitness from Lena Dunham | Well & Good
The truth behind fitness photo shoots | Greatist
This is the coolest! This nonprofit makes Halloween costumes for kids in wheelchairs | PSFK

Sit back, relax and enjoy this collection of great reads from around the web!
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