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Fit, Focused & Fun Finds (from Around the Web!) #37

By Fitfulfocus @fitfulfocus

Thursday! Friday Eve! Weeee! Let’s celebrate with some finds!

Fitful Focus Finds

Fit, Focused, & Fun Finds are articles, posts, videos, memes, and anything I’ve come across while perusing the world wide web that I think you’d enjoy. Peruse through these links and discover some new blogs, pubs and peeps to follow!

Grown up cocktails | Greatist
What science really says about coffee, chocolate, avocados and more | Well & Good
7 food myths to stop believing | PureWow
Dark Chocolate Fudgy Protein Pops | Vega
Top 9 foods to manage inflammation post workout | Vega
Eating to improve body composition | Vega
Why runners shouldn’t go fat free | Vega
The healthiest 400-calorie (or less) picks from fast food chains | MyFitnessPal

5 stretches every runner needs | Move Nourish Believe
8-Week Beginner Barbell Program for Serious Gains (the guy in this article is one of my CrossFit coaches!) | Greatist
Is walking as good a workout as running | Greatist
A girls guide to gaining muscle | ACE
5 ways to relieve muscle soreness | Fitfluential

The best sneakers for every workout | Well & Good
The best fashion advice of all time and how to use it in real life | RealSimple

22 puppies that can sleep anywhere, anytime | Bored Panda
Floor plans of your favorite TV apartments | Nerdist
Food art project transforms healthy items into junk food | Greatist

8 smart, funny ladies on body image | PureWow

Food, Fitness, Fashion & Fun – Check out all the links in this great roundup!
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Let’s Chat:
Do you eat anti-inflammatory foods?
How do you relieve sore muscles?
Which TV apartment do you want? – I want Monica & Rachel’s!

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