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Fit, Focused & Fun Finds (from Around the Web!) #31

By Fitfulfocus @fitfulfocus

Happy Thursday, friends! I’m in LA right now for work. Ahhhh constant sunshine and warm weather. Can NY be like this? K, thanks!

Ok, anyway, are you ready for some finds?

Fitful Focus Finds

Fit, Focused, & Fun Finds are articles, posts, videos, memes, and anything I’ve come across while perusing the world wide web that I think you’d enjoy. Peruse through these links and discover some new blogs, pubs, and peeps to follow!

3 healthy green smoothies to get out of your smoothie rut | Well & Good
How to practice fueling for your next marathon | Tina Muir
5 truths about running and caffeine | Runner’s World

What every runner should do before a race | Greatist
8 yoga moves to strengthen knees | Team Beachbody
4 things people get wrong about running | MyFitnessPal
9 exercises to do with a barbell | ACE Fitness

Nothing has ever been more true than this. What are my upstairs neighbors DOING? I do not know… | sent to me by the lovely Annmarie 
Quiz: what kind of wine are you? | Greatist

This girl wears the same thing to work every single day | Ad Age
France likely to ban fashion models deemed to be too thin | The guardian

How to beat side stitches | Runner’s World
How to pick the best run training program for you | My Fitness Pal

How to restart a terrible, horrible day | MindBodyGreen
25 instagram accounts that will inspire you to workout | Greatist

Stop what you’re doing, take your laptop/phone/tablet outside & enjoy these fun reads!
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Fitful Focus
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Let’s Chat:
Have you ever had mysterious neighbors?
Could you ever wear the same outfit every day?
Which type of wine are you?

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