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Fit & Fashionable Friday – Valentine’s Day Fashion

By Fitfulfocus @fitfulfocus

Happy Friday the 13th! DUN DUN DUNNNNN! Cue ominous music. 

No worries, nothing bad is going to happen today! In fact, just the opposite. It’s Valentine’s Day eve, so I’m all about the love for today’s Fit & Fashionable Friday post. 

Fit & Fashionable Friday via Fitful Focus #fitnfashionable

With the day of love upon us, I thought I’d share my Valentine’s Day plans. 

Cozy White Sweater for Valentine's Day Date via Fitful Focus

Will and I don’t make a big deal of Valentine’s Day. We always make sure to spend it together, but we don’t do anything snazzy. Usually, we exchange cards, spend the day together, and make a slightly fancier than normal dinner.  

This year is no different. We’re going to make sushi bowls (recipe to come), chillax in the warmth of our apartment, and watch movies. Probably Star Wars ’cause we’re cool like that. Rather than get all dolled up in a sexy but uncomfortable dress, I’m going for cozy comfort. Movie watching clothes! 

Cozy White Sweater for Valentine's Day Date via Fitful Focus

Sweater from Express, Leggings from Zara, Boots from JustFab (same as here)

Not to brag or anything, but we have the best couch. Seriously, sometimes I fake a fight with Will just so I can say, “I’m gunna sleep on the couch!” It never works, though, because HE wants to sleep on the couch. I might be more in love with the couch than I am with Will. JUST KIDDING… kinda… no seriously… just kidding… I think… what? 

Cozy White Sweater for Valentine's Day Date via Fitful Focus

 Ok, I’ll let Will snuggle up next to me and we can share the love of the couch. And I’ll give him lots of kisses because he obviously loves my kisses. Can’t you tell?

Kisses via Fitful Focus

We’re also going to make these Paleo friendly raw brownie cheesecake raspberry bars. Boom.

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Alright, let’s hear those fit & fashionable Valentine’s Day plans – or any fit & fashionable plans really! Anything fitnessy or fashiony is fair game. Full link up rules here, but remember that you need to link back to for your link to work. Also, be a good linker-upper by visiting some of the other blogs in the link up and spreading the love with #fitnfashionable and the Fit & Fashionable Friday Badge available below. The more people that know about the link up, the more exposure your posts will get :). 
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Let’s Chat:
What are you Valentine’s Day plans?
Do you have an outfit picked out? 

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