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Fit & Fashionable Friday – Firmoo Glasses

By Fitfulfocus @fitfulfocus

The weekend is upon us! I’m super pumped because AnnMarie is coming to visit! Woohoo!! But before she arrives, how about we get our Fit & Fashionable Friday on?! 

Fit & Fashionable Friday via Fitful Focus #fitnfashionable

Here’s a fun fact about me: I’m pretty much blind. Ok, I’m not legally blind, so life ain’t so bad – but if I were to take my contacts out, I’d pretty much be rendered useless. 

I used to wear glasses once or twice a week to give my eyes a ‘lil break (and by that I mean I was trying to save my contacts because I have to wear dailies and those suckers are EX-PEN-SIVE! – gotta make ‘em last!). Then one day, I was sitting on my couch chatting with a friend when boom. Glasses broke. Right on there on my face. It wasn’t like a screw popped out or anything. I wasn’t boxing. Not even a fun story. The frames just up and cracked right around the left lens. I couldn’t even pull a Harry Potter and tape them back together (where’s Hermione when you need her…)

Ever since I’ve been looking for a new pair of glasses. I even polled you guys a while back about some Warby Parkers. 

Warby Parker Glasses #fitnfashionable

But I just couldn’t commit.

Months and months of going glasses-less (and plowing through my contacts) passed when all of the sudden I got an interesting email from a company called Firmoo inviting me to try their glasses. 

Firmoo Glasses via Fitful Focus

I had never heard of the company, so I did a little research. Turns out, Firmoo is a lot like Warby Parker in that they sell quality eyewear at inexpensive prices. The difference is they are global, have a much bigger selection, and are actually even less expensive than Warby Parker! 

I was intrigued and figured, why not give them a try?! 

Firmoo Glasses via Fitful Focus

After perusing through all their glasses (seriously, I have a problem picking glasses) and doing a virtual try-on, I finally settled on a classic pair of black rectangular frames with a cool white accent that I think gives them a little modern edge. 

Firmoo Glasses via Fitful Focus

When you select your frames, they ask for some measurements so they can make the frames to fit your face. Will helped me measure the distance between my pupils, and then I filled in my prescription (blind as a bat wasn’t an option…) and got single vision anti-scratch lenses.

The total price? With shipping it would have been $42.95, but Firmoo was kind enough to send me my pair for free.

I was a bit nervous that the quality was going to be pretty cheap, but I was pleasantly surprised. They are actually great! They arrived in a nice little case with a little keychain to tighten the screws when needed. The prescription and fit are perfect. The frames are sturdy. I’m diggin’ ‘em. What do you think?!

Firmoo Glasses via Fitful Focus

Yep, that’s me reading the dictionary cause, you know, I is intelligent. 

Plus, I learned a new word. Do you know what a kookaburra is? BOOM!


Learn something new everyday. 

So overall Firmoo pros and cons: 

Great selection of frames
Ability to customize size and lenses
High quality
Overall value

Can’t try before you buy
Took a long time to ship (a little over 6 weeks from order date)

Oh and let’s add another Pro to the list:
Firmoo has graciously offered to give 5 Fitful Focus readers $15 off any of these frames. Considering they are already inexpensive, that’s HUGE! Just type in “NICOLEBLOGS4” at checkout. The code can only be used 5 times! I’m not going to run a giveaway, so you’ll just have to be one of the first five people to get some glasses and you’ll get $15 off*. So hurry on up! 

Is @Firmoo the new Warby Parker? Or is it better? Check out this review + a major #DISCOUNT!
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*NOTE: The code does not include shipping and can’t be applied to discounted products.    Let’s Chat:
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