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Finding Yourself And Loving Who You Are

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette
Finding Yourself And Loving Who You Are

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It can be hard to look at ourselves and like everything that we see. We all struggle with image issues from time-to-time, but for many people, it can be a near-constant problem that takes over their whole lives. If you are not happy in the skin that you are in, it can kill your confidence. You may not want to leave the house, or look another person in the eye properly. You may not push yourself in your career, and you may be terribly depressed as a result. 

Coming to terms with the way that you look can be a challenge, and it will take a lot of strength and courage to build up your confidence for you to start appreciating the way that you look again. There are things that you can do that can help you. 

Treat Yourself To A Treatment

Getting a makeover, or going to the hairdresser may be something that you have always shied away from doing. You may feel as though you were getting judged whenever you are sat in the chair. And having somebody prod about you can make you feel even more self-conscious. But if you can find somebody that can help in a way that lifts you up, it can be helpful. Look for someone caring and positive to help give you a makeover or haircut. They will know what to say to you so that you start to feel better about yourself. 

You may want to look at a range of medical aesthetic services that may help you to create a look that you feel more comfortable with. Or having a new wardrobe of clothes may be precisely what you need to give yourself a confidence lift. 

Look At The Positives

When you look at yourself, might be consumed with the negatives about your appearance. There may be a whole heap of things about yourself that you don’t have a problem with, or that you might even like. But these will get overshadowed by negativity if you’re struggling with body image.

It’s important to pay attention to the positives. The positives are getting smothered with the negatives and the things that you dislike. Though they may be all that you see, they won’t be all that others see. Learning to look at the things about yourself that you do like is essential. 

Make a list of your best features and start to tell yourself every day that those things are BEAUTIFUL. Take selfies that highlight that aspect of yourself. Try and dress, or wear your hair in a way that lifts up that part of you.

Soon, you will start paying more attention to these parts of yourself. The more that you tell yourself that something about you is beautiful, the more natural it will feel.

Everybody is beautiful in their own way, and we all have hang-ups. Finding confidence in yourself is about learning to not focus on the things that you don’t like, and think of the things that you do!

•Do you struggle with low confidence? What do you do to help bring it up?

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Finding Yourself And Loving Who You Are

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