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  • FREEBIE: Baby Sign Language Flash Cards (ALL)

    FREEBIE: Baby Sign Language Flash Cards (ALL)

    To get started on baby sign language, begin by learning your first few signs.Mommy, Daddy, Milk, and the rest of the Top Ten Starter Signs are a good place to... Read more

    The 22 February 2017 by   Catherine Mcdiarmid-Watt
  • Raising Kids to Invest

    Raising Kids Invest

    I first got interested in investing from watching my father. Each day he would copy down the closing prices for his stocks from The Wall street Journal onto a... Read more

    The 28 February 2017 by   Smallivy
  • Kindle Edition of SmallIvy Book of Investing on Sale Starting Monday

    Kindle Edition SmallIvy Book Investing Sale Starting Monday

    The SmallIvy Book of Investing, Book 1: Investing to Grow Wealthy You probably spend most of your day looking at your phone. Maybe you’re texting friends,... Read more

    The 06 February 2017 by   Smallivy
  • Could You Become a Billionaire Like Trump?

    Could Become Billionaire Like Trump?

    Funny thing. Pretty much since I started working a real job, paid off my car, and decided that I would never have a car payment again (or a credit card... Read more

    The 19 February 2017 by   Smallivy
  • What You Need to Know About a Fed Rate Increase

    What Need Know About Rate Increase

    “Don’t fight the Fed.” Or so the old Wall Street saying goes. This refers to the Federal Reserve, the conglomeration of bank executives who hold a huge amount o... Read more

    The 26 February 2017 by   Smallivy
  • Town Council Gets a Surprise!

    Town Council Gets Surprise!

    Shows what can happen when you invest in stocks and don’t spend anywhere near your means. Thanks to The Surprise Millionaires Blog for this story. The Surprise... Read more

    The 05 February 2017 by   Smallivy
  • How to Make Your Own Croutons

    Make Your Croutons

    A great way to save money and avoid waste is to use your old hamburger or hot dog buns to make your own croutons. Not only will you save yourself a couple of... Read more

    The 03 February 2017 by   Smallivy
  • Lessons Learned from the Bank of Mom and Dad

    Lessons Learned from Bank

    When my son was five or six, we started The Bank of Mom and Dad, a.k.a. The Bank of MAD. The Bank of MAD pays interest at five percent, compounded whenever I... Read more

    The 09 February 2017 by   Smallivy
  • The Blue Chip Investor

    Blue Chip Investor

    The Surprise Millionaires Many of you are familiar with the story of Ronald Read featured in my book. For some reason, the media latched on to the story of... Read more

    The 05 February 2017 by   Smallivy
  • How to Get Through the Portland Winter Without Breaking the Bank

    Through Portland Winter Without Breaking Bank

    Well we’ve done it. We’ve made it through the popularly named ‘snowpocalypse’ of 2017. Now that everyone is able to leave their homes and go back out into the... Read more

    The 02 February 2017 by   Kathleen O'Malley


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