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“Older” Young Paperblog Pick in Family

“Older” Mom Vs. Young Mom

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Children Lying Paperblog Pick in Family

Children Lying

It’s a developmental milestone when a child learns to lie. Researchers have found that most children reach this milestone by age 3. Lying only makes sense once children realize... Read more


  • Easter Decorations and My Love of Chocolate Eggs

    Easter Decorations Love Chocolate Eggs

    It's always been a bit of a tradition in my family's house to make a big deal out of Easter time. When I was growing up Mum would make us hunt for eggs with a... Read more

    The 14 April 2011 by   Littlebigcompany1
  • How to Draw a Peacock

    Draw Peacock

    Learning to draw radial symmetry is a CA Visual Arts standard, and is precisely what is called for in drawing this colorful peacock. Read more

    The 30 April 2011 by   Kathybarbro
  • Teenagers Are Lazy, Sullen, Disaffected, and Disrespectful

    Teenagers Lazy, Sullen, Disaffected, Disrespectful

    I’m typically not the first person the jump on any new technology. For example, I got my first cell phone about two years ago. It was a hand-me-down from wife,... Read more

    The 19 April 2011 by   Stevemiranda
  • “Older” Mom Vs. Young Mom

    “Older” Young

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    The 25 April 2011 by   Expatdoctormom1
  • PUSH...One Mother of a Show: Guest Blogger Erin Keaney

    PUSH...One Mother Show: Guest Blogger Erin Keaney

    Today I am excited to welcome a guest post from stage and television actor and writer Erin Keaney. Erin's credits include Comedy Inc., and the US tour of the... Read more

    The 30 April 2011 by   Thismomloves
  • Here Comes The Sun

    Here Comes

    It was nice to walk outside at the end of my work day today and see the sun shining. The wind still has a bit of a chill to it, but it is so nice to see the blu... Read more

    The 12 April 2011 by   Journeymum
  • Tropical Earth Day Mural

    Tropical Earth Mural

    Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd. I am happy to offer my new Tropical Earth Day Mural which includes two sizes: 12 pages (43"x 20") and 24... Read more

    The 10 April 2011 by   Kathybarbro
  • Twig Mobile ..kid Art

    Twig Mobile ..kid

    I happen to love unique, kid-created decor, so, in my book, this is just about the coolest thing ever. Plus, there's nothing better than being able to find... Read more

    The 21 April 2011 by   Kinderpendent