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Ear Infections and Overweight Kids

By Newsanchormom

Ear Infections and Overweight Kids
Ear infections and overweight kids-not two things you would normally put together. Researchers in South Korea have discovered kids with chronic ear infections are more likely to struggle with their weight. Now doctors are wondering if the kids' sense of taste is disrupted due to the ear infections. Is it causing youngsters to eat more of that tasty food that's bad for you? I would have never put those two things together! My kids have definitely had their bouts with ear infections, but we haven't had any tubes so far. My youngest has had three ear infections in the last six months. This winter was brutal for sickness. I felt like at least one family was sick for about 4 months straight! How about you? Did illness plague your family more this year compared to last?
FROM NBC: Children who suffer from chronic ear infections are more likely to be overweight possibly because of their sense of taste.
South Korean researchers measured the taste thresholds of children with and without chronic ear infections -- using sugar, salt, sour and bitter flavors. They noticed the ear infection group had a significantly higher body mass index and an elevated threshold for sweet and salty tastes.
This may mean these children need to eat more of these types of food in order to taste them properly causing them to gain weight.

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